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Some of the menu items at Viet Cuisine

Living on the North Shore, Chatswood is a regular haunt for me and although there are some great places to eat in Chatswood, one soon gets tired of eating the same food at the same places. So when Captain Awesome told me about a new Vietnamese place on Victoria Avenue, I got really excited at the prospect of eating new food :)

More menu items

Sir D and I rocked up to Viet Cuisine on a Wednesday lunchtime and despite having heard that they were getting quite a lot of business, the place was empty save for one person waiting for take-away. Not a good sign. We went in anyway and were given menus and water by the waitress. They had quite a large selection of dishes (complete with pictures) and also a whiteboard which had some specials on it. Interestingly, pho (vietnamese noodle soup) is not on the regular menu but on the whiteboard specials. There is the option of getting beef, chicken or combination pho. We order the combination pho as well as the combination lunch special (chicken, beef or pork chop with shredded pork, egg, vegetables and rice).

Combination Pho – $8.00

The food comes out quickly with a steaming hot bowl of pho with rare beef slices, beef balls, tripe, tendon and brisket, with the usual accompaniments of mint, bean sprouts, chilli and lemon. The soup is flavoursome and our only complaints are that the beef tendon wasn’t cooked for long enough so it was tough, and that they were a bit stingey on the beef balls (only 2 halves in the whole bowl).

Grilled pork chop with tomato rice – $6.50

The combination lunch special we ordered comes out missing a few elements, with only the pork chop and tomato fried rice. We eat it anyway and I’m pleasantly surprised as both the pork chops and tomato rice are very tasty and I’m not so bothered about getting the wrong dish. We let the waitress know when we pay and they apologise and to their credit they charge us for what we were given rather than what we ordered. With the total damage being only $14.50, this place definitely gives the other Vietnamese restaurants in Chatswood a run for their money with tasty and cheap food.

Viet Cuisine
232 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 94111398
Monday – Saturday, 9am-9pm

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6 thoughts on “Viet Cuisine, Chatswood”

  1. Your meal looks great and it's so inexpensive too! I adore tomato rice and I saw a recipe for it recently so I really should get my bottom into gear and make it :)

  2. Hi Lorraine – Yep it was tasty and cheap! Tomato rice is awesome but I have no idea how to make it myself! Maybe if you blog about making it I can give it a go as well =)

  3. oh wow I'm soo suprised how cheap the rice and pork chop is, considering it's chatswood. Even in the west, from what I can recall rice and pork chop is at least $8.00, what a great find.

  4. Hi Linda – Thanks for the comment! Yeah it was very cheap, especially for Chatswood. Apparently in their opening week all of their dishes were $5!

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