Bravo Trattoria and Gelato Bar, Crows Nest

I’m no expert on gelato but I have yet to find better gelato on the North Shore than the gelato at Bravo Trattoria. This, I think, can be confirmed by the queues at the gelato bar on Friday and Saturday nights, even in the midst of winter!

There’s quite a large range of flavours available, with the friendly favourites such as hazelnut, chocolate, and mango being consistently good whilst some of the more unusual flavours like yoghurt and taro changing quite frequently.

This is a great place to have dessert with a large group since they have a large seating area upstairs and I’ve been here numerous times and we always get the 16 random scoops to share between us. However lately we have been finding that we get some dodgy flavours in the 16 scoops (we think that they give us the not-so-popular ones), so tonight we get a large takeaway box instead, where we can actually choose which flavours we want.

There is no umm-ing and ahh-ing when it comes to choosing flavours at Bravos – BLT and Queen Chu both insist on hazelnut, Captain Awesome and I desperately want chocolate, and Sir D wants mango. Apologies about the next half-eaten photo – everyone dug in before I could get a good photo of the tub!

(Half-eaten) Large takeaway container with mango, hazelnut and chocolate – $16.50

3 flavours and 1 large takeaway container chock-a-block full of gelato later, we’re all digging into the gelato in silence, savouring our favourite Bravo’s flavours. Everyone is happy =)

Bravo Trattoria and Gelato Bar
6-8 Falcon Street
Crows Nest NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 99066630
Tuesday – Thursday & Sunday, noon-midnight
Friday & Saturday, noon-1am

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7 thoughts on “Bravo Trattoria and Gelato Bar, Crows Nest”

  1. Oh I remember that familiar ice cream cone design and seeing that! And isn't the test a queue outside during Winter? Good to know that the ice cream is good and a good silencing tool too :P

  2. Yay this is my favourite Gelato place too! The last time I went there I had the apple pie flavour and it was awwweesome.

  3. Hi Lorraine – Haha yeah you can be pretty sure that a gelato bar is good if there's people waiting outside in winter!

    Hi Stephcookie – I noticed the apple pie flavour when I went but I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it. Now I might have to go back since you say it's good! The apple pie flavour at Gelato Messina in Darlinghurst is also pretty good and it's got real apple chunks in it =D

  4. Oh my goodness! Whenever I remember high school, I think of post-touch footy training gelato from here. It's such an institution. Thanks for reminding me :)

  5. Darrrn! after having a dinner at Jurin near by, me and my friends were waiting for a bus in front of the woolies next door! Shouldve gotten some (though it was a bit cold night) Next time!

  6. Hi Yas – Haha what a shame! The weather is starting to warm up now though (it's Spring tomorrow – yay!) so yes, next time you can get some gelato for the bus ride =)

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