Jimini’s, Hornsby

Around a corner on the Aldi level of Westfield Hornsby is an unexpected little cafe away from the busy-ness of the food court area. Jimini’s serves cafe-style food with friendly service and good coffee. Today I’m here for lunch with my mum and grandparents and we order some coffees and 3 dishes to share between us.

Mocha served in mug – $4.50

We’re here on a Friday lunchtime and although they have quite a few patrons the service is efficient and we’re not waiting too long before the food arrives.

Roast pumpkin risotto with rosemary and rocket – $14.90

The roast pumpkin risotto looks like a small serving but is actually quite adequate since the risotto is quite filling. The rice isn’t cooked as well as I would have liked since it’s a bit gluggy. The roast pumpkin however is delicious and sweet and the other flavours are more subdued to let the pumpkin flavour really shine through.

Cordon-bleu open-faced chicken burger: pancetta, caramelised apple butter and brie on sourdough, served with fries or salad – $14.50

I’m a bit disappointed with the cordon-bleu open-faced chicken burger since it’s not really a burger at all but a slice of sourdough topped with chicken breast, a piece of pancetta, a slice of brie and a piece of caramelised apple. It tastes good but I feel like they were a bit stingy with the ingredients and I’m not so sure that it qualifies as a burger! It also makes it quite hard for us to share and we each only get a small piece. The thick-cut chips however are nice and crisp on the outside with fluffy potato on the inside, although I can’t say they make up totally for the lack of ‘burgerness’.

Chicken avocado salad: roasted chicken with mixed leaves, carrot, raisins and a honey mustard dressing – $13.90

The chicken avocado salad is fantastic with lots of chicken and avocado and a creamy honey mustard dressing. I particularly like the addition of raisins which gives a burst of sweetness to the salad when eaten. This is my favourite dish by far.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows – $4.20

Jimini’s is a great place to rest your shopping legs in Westfield Hornsby. Come for the coffee and all-day breakfasts which are great. They also have a selection of cakes and cookies if you’re after something sweet.

Level 2, Shop 2007
236 Pacific Hwy
Hornsby NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 94762173

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