Ichi-ban Boshi, The Galeries Victoria

Judging from the queues I see everytime I walk past, I think it’s safe to assume that Ichi-ban Boshi is one of the most popular ramen joints in Sydney. Due to it’s obvious popularity, I had pretty high expectations on my first visit here and sadly I don’t think the food lived up to the standards I’d set and since then I have been reluctant to return. However, on Fi’s request I’m back again tonight for dinner before watching Avenue Q at the Theatre Royal.

Having an early dinner at 5.30pm means that we a) get a table easily for 6 of us and b) avoid the horrendous queues that have built up by the time we leave. Fi and I have still yet to try the tonkotsu ramen and we ask the waitress whether they have any left. Sadly they have run out so I go to my plan B and order the karaage ramen. Everytime I order this I have the intention of asking for the karaage chicken on the side but as usual I forget and it arrives with the batter semi-soaked in broth. Fail.

Karaage Ramen – $10.90

The chicken is still good though and the noodles have a nice chewy texture, and along with the not-too-salty soy broth I am pleasantly surprised to find that I’m thoroughly enjoying my meal.

Katsu Curry – $11.50

Sir D the non-ramen-eater orders the katsu curry which comes with miso soup and a side salad. He accompanied me on my first visit and was also not too impressed with the food but this time he is very happy with his curry and eats it up quickly.

Tsukemen (cold noodles with dipping sauce) – $12.00

Captain Awesome is undecided whether she wants the Geki-kara ramen (super hot ramen) or the Tsukemen, and asks the waitress who says that the Tsukemen is very popular. “Ok I’ll get that!” says Captain Awesome and a big plate of cold noodles arrives with a bowl of spicy tantanmen soup that is packed full of mince. We all try a bit and it’s very nice but the only thing I find strange is eating cold noodles with hot soup, which together becomes sort of lukewarm in the mouth. I think I prefer eating hot or cold noodles, not somewhere in between. Interesting experience though!

All finished!

Since the queues outside are building up we decide to leave for Avenue Q a bit early (go and watch it if you haven’t seen it already… it’s fantastic!). Everyone has enjoyed their dinner and now that I have restored faith in the food at Ichi-ban Boshi I think I’ll have to go back and grab myself a bowl of their elusive tonkotsu ramen!

Ichi-ban Boshi
Level 2, The Galeries Victoria
500 George Street, Sydney
Ph: +61 (02) 92627677
Open 7 days, 11am – 9pm

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12 thoughts on “Ichi-ban Boshi, The Galeries Victoria”

  1. What? It was your second visit ever?!?
    Haha, I'm boring and always get the Tokyo(?) ramen – I think that's the one…

    Agnes on the other hand….gets the spiciest thing on the menu and then ADDS chilli powder/sauce/whatever it is to it…I tried a bit of the soup once…jeez talk about being WAY too hot for my tastebuds!

    Clearly I'll stick to my usual order, haha

    Though from memory, the yakisoba's not bad there either..

  2. Ooh what did you think of Avenue Q? I saw it in London and loved it. Even hubby loved it and he hates musicals hehe.

    I always mean to ask for the fried things on the side too but always forget!

  3. Hi JC – It may have been my third visit but I don't quite remember. I don't think I could take that super spicy ramen either… my tastebuds would just become numb!

    Hi Lorraine – I loved Avenue Q! I'd heard a lot of the songs already before I saw the stage show but it's so much funnier in the context of the musical. Trekkie Monster is my fav =D Sir D doesn't like musicals either but he loved it as well!

    Hi Fefifofum – One day that damn tonkotsu will be ours!!!!

  4. I went to the TGV branch once and wasn't impressed, but everyone been telling me I should give the Bondi branch a try which supposedly to be much better.

  5. Hi chocolatesuze – Aw now you make me want to have the tonkotsu even more! =P

    Hi ATableforTwo – So I'm not the only one who was not impressed with Ichi-ban Boshi! I thought I was semi-delusional because everyone was saying that it was so good. I've also heard that the Bondi branch is supposed to be better, but I haven't been there before so I can't verify those claims ;)

  6. Hahaha and I must be one of "everyone"
    I usually go for Aburi Chachu or Miso ramen with additional butter. Hmmm now I need some ramen fix too…

  7. Hi Yas – Nothing wrong with being in the majority =P I've heard that the aburi chashu ramen is really tasty – next time I go I'm going to have that one!

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