Makan@Alice’s, Thornleigh

Sometimes I get cravings for Malaysian or Singaporean food but I’m feeling lazy to travel out too far. So my go-to place for nearby Malaysian food is Makan@Alice’s which is a mere 10 minute drive from my place. Tonight Sir D and I arrive quite soon after they open for dinner service. Lucky we do get there early as well because half the tables are marked as reserved, and the rest fill up soon after we arrive. We umm and ahh over all the delicious sounding choices they have on the menu, and we eventually order teh tarik, Hainanese chicken and roti canai with curry.

Teh tarik – $4.50

The teh tarik, a pulled Malaysian milk tea, is generously frothy on top and has a distinct tea taste compared to the extra-sweet teh tarik at Mamak. Although my sweet tooth and I prefer the heady condensed milk flavour of Mamak’s teh tarik, Sir D prefers the subtle sweetness of the one at Alice’s.

Roti canai with lamb curry – $11.80

Three pieces of crispy roti canai arrive with a bowl of lamb curry, which is flavoursome but without the overly strong lamb flavour you sometimes get. The lamb pieces in the curry are a bit scarce but they are cooked so that they are very tender.

Hainanese chicken – $17.80

The Hainanese chicken comes with two sauces – a sweet soy-based sauce and a chilli sauce, and also comes with a bowl of chicken rice. We get half a chicken with the order and all the pieces are soft and tender. Even the breast pieces aren’t dry at all. We’re extremely pleased with this dish and although both of us are getting quite full already, we still fight over the last piece =P

Kuih lapis (photo from

I was looking forward to grabbing a box of kuih lapis (a rainbow layered rice flour sweet) but alas they’ve run out for the day! I’m quite disappointed, but it also gives me a reason to plan a return trip in the near future so it’s not so bad after all ;)

262-264 Pennant Hills Road (cnr Bellevue St and Pennant Hills Rd; enter via Bellevue St)
Thornleigh, NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 94848288
Lunch: Tuesday – Sunday, 11.30am-2.30pm
Dinner: Thursday – Sunday, 6pm-9pm

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4 thoughts on “Makan@Alice’s, Thornleigh”

  1. i love this place too. haven't been for ages but missing it. the chicken rice sounds great. not sure if i've actually tried it there before but will certainly keep in mind for next visit. :-)

  2. I love Alice's too except it's a tad far away from me to travel. I was so upset that we missed out on some kueh too! :(

  3. YAY I love this place, it's so near me so I'm here all the time! You can call them up early and order kuih to pick up when you go for dinner, to avoid being disappointed :) But sometimes I just like showing up to see what they have on the day!

  4. Hi Simon – Yep go and try the chicken! It was so tasty and soft!

    Hi Lorraine – Yeah I think next time I'll have to pre-order my favourite kuih before I go!

    Hi Stephcookie – It's so nice to have great Malaysian food close by, isn't it? I'll make sure I ring up to reserve my kuih next time ;)

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