Sushi Sagunja, Chatswood

Sir D’s new reason for getting out of bed every morning: Aburi scallop sushi from Sushi Sagunja!

This is a sushi train place which opened up recently in the Mandarin Centre foodcourt in Chatswood and they are offering all sushi and sashimi on the train for $2.50 everyday! We couldn’t go past a bargain like that so one lunchtime we stopped by to see what they had on offer.

I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to bargains because surely there must be a catch? I thought maybe the sushi wasn’t going to be very fresh or maybe there would be not much variety but boy was I wrong! The sushi was very fresh and whilst we were there it was great to see that they were continuously making new sushi for the conveyor.

Salmon nigiri

Tuna nigiri

Salmon belly nigiri

On the train they had some of the standard sushi selections like the salmon and tuna nigiri, and your california rolls and salmon avocado rolls. They also had plates of salmon sashimi (3pcs) which were also $2.50. We particularly enjoyed the salmon belly nigiri which was nice and fatty, and the soft shell crab roll also had good crunch factor.

Salmon and avocado roll sprinkled with flying fish roe

Soft shell crab roll

They also had some more non-standard sushi rolls like this normal California roll that’s been jazzed up with some extra raw salmon, a roll with raw salmon, cooked tuna and cucumber topped with cooked prawn, and a salmon avocado roll with torched salmon on top.

A not-so-standard California roll

Salmon, tuna and cucumber roll with prawn
Salmon, salmon and more (torched) salmon!

But later on we found out that we could order our own sushi for still only $2.50 per plate, and that’s when we started stuffing ourselves with aburi sushi. For those of you unfamiliar with aburi sushi, it’s when the raw fish is blowtorched so that it’s partly grilled on top, but still raw underneath. The blowtorching also imparts a lovely smokey flavour to the fish. It’s also served with a sauce which I have tried to track down but I still have no idea what it is. If anyone knows what sauce they use let me know!!

Aburi scallop sushi

Sir D and I got so excited about the aburi sushi that we forgot to take photos except for this one photo of the aburi scallop sushi. Needless to say we have been back (twice!) since this visit for more $2.50 sushi and for once I think Sir D is even more enthusiastic about sushi than I am! Only if it’s aburi scallop sushi though =P

Sushi Sagunja
Level 2, Shop 225 Mandarin Centre
65 Albert Avenue
Chatswood, NSW

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7 thoughts on “Sushi Sagunja, Chatswood”

  1. Ahhh awesome! I've been wanting to try this place ever since I saw the sign for $2.50 plates of sushi. So glad that it's good. That scallop sushi looks fantastic, I love it when they torch the surface

  2. Hi Lorraine – Yep it's a good bargain! And the plumper the scallops the better ;)

    Hi FFichiban – I'm not sure how long it goes for… it's been going for about 2-3 months now and I thought it was just an opening special but it's still going!

    Hi Steph – Hehe aburi sushi is the best!

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