Let’s Do Lunch @ Sean’s Kitchen, Pyrmont

October has got to be every Sydney foodie’s favourite month because it’s the month of the Sydney International Food Festival (SIFF)! Having trawled the SIFF website for all the fantastic food-related events on this year, Sir D and I kick-started the SIFF with a visit to Sean’s Kitchen for Let’s Do Lunch.

Interior of Sean’s Kitchen

With a name like Seven Deadly Sins, I could not resist finding out just how deadly the Let’s Do Lunch offering was at Sean’s Kitchen. It was quite hard to navigate ourselves to the 2nd floor of Star City where the restaurant was located since they were renovating sections of the casino and many of the escalators were closed off – so frustrating because I was hungry! We got there eventually and we requested the Let’s Do Lunch offer, and our friendly waitress promptly offered us a choice of a Brown Brothers red wine or a Coopers pale ale.

We also got a slice of bread which was warmed up but the crust was a bit too chewy as though it had been out for a while. I was hungry so I ate most of mine with the lovely creamy butter (which was covered with a cute cow print!) but Sir D left his behind.

Seven Deadly Sins – $35 including a glass of wine, beer or mineral water

Leaving the bread was probably a good idea given the decadence of our Seven Deadly Sins meal. The mixed grill arrived on a long rectangular plate and was positively glistening with fatty goodness.

Devilled kidneys on duck fat fried bread

Starting from the left, we tackled the devilled kidneys which sat atop a crunchy soldier of golden bread fried in duck fat. Devilled kidneys are lamb’s kidneys coated with a sauce made from butter, Worcestershire, English mustard, tomato sauce and other things. I’m not usually an offal person but this was actually quite nice. The duck fat fried bread was also heart-cloggingly delicious with the most amazing crunch factor ever!

Bacon, pork sausages and black pudding

Moving along we began to feast on the bacon with a thick layer of fat. Sir D thought it was a bit too salty but I thought it was ok with the meat being very tender. I couldn’t bring myself to eat the fat on it though since there was probably a week’s worth of fat in the whole platter already! Although on the SIFF website it says that the sausages are wagyu beef, we got pork sausages today. These were quite ordinary compared to the other ‘deadly sins’.

Black pudding, fried quail eggs and duck hash

Next up was the black pudding which is another traditional English food made from congealed blood. I’ve never had this before, being put off mainly by it’s scary blackness, but I tried it since you have to try everything at least once! Although I didn’t mind the taste, the texture was sort of pasty and grainy which I didn’t particularly like so I left most of it behind.

Quail eggs and duck hash

The last 2 deadly sins were the oh-so-cute fried quail eggs and the duck hash, and were probably the least ‘deadly’ of all the items and I certainly felt less guilt about eating these. The duck hash was strips of duck meat cooked with little cubes of potatoes and onions. I also loved the mini copper pot that it was served in ;)

The Aftermath

We were positively stuffed after the rich meal and I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t manage to finish the whole platter! Although in retrospect, this was probably a good thing given the amount of cholesterol that it contained.

Raspberry and peach dark chocolate truffles

While we were still sitting and digesting, we were told that our meal included coffee and petit fours which was a nice unexpected touch. We received two raspberry and peach dark chocolate truffles which were scrumptious and infused with a heady raspberry and peach flavour. A great way to finish off our first Let’s Do Lunch for 2009 which was definitely the most interesting lunch I’ve had in a long time!

Sean’s Kitchen
Level 2, Star City
80 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 97779000
Lunch: 12pm-3pm
Dinner: 6pm-10.30pm
Let’s Do Lunch offer is available on weekdays in October

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9 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch @ Sean’s Kitchen, Pyrmont”

  1. That looks like great value for $35! I love the concept behind 7 deadly sins too all on a plate. I never really looked at this lunch but I might give it a go! :)

  2. That is such a cute idea for a dish! Especially cute with the sunny side up quail eggs haha. And it seems like you get a lot for $35 :)

  3. Hi Lorraine – Yep it was a very filling meal for $35 and it was definitely the name and the concept of this Let's Do Lunch that made me choose it!

    Hi Steph – The quail eggs were so adorable I didn't want to eat them… but of course I did eventually =P

  4. certainly looks like a filling lunch although not very sophisticated looking to me. i'm not a fan of black pudding, can't stand the taste so would have to give this meal a bit of a miss :-) glad you tried it though.

  5. 7 deadly sins? Where do I sign? lol. Looks like one of the more interesting Let's Do Lunch deals, and it includes petit fours as well? Even better!

  6. Hi Simon – Haha yeah black pudding's definitely not for everyone ;)

    Hi Helen – The name alone was intriguing enough for me to try it out! And the coffee and petit fours was a nice touch, even though I was so full already

  7. The dish looks sublime.. but it should be very rich and filling like u said since u couldn't finish it.. Is it worth to try? or just ok. Since it is very hard for me to find the chance going for lunch on weekdays.. If you said so, I will give it a try when I can :D

  8. Hi Bean Sprout's Cafe – It is very rich and filling, but I don't think that all the elements of the dish are to everyone's taste, like the kidneys and the black pudding. So it depends on whether you like that kind of stuff or not. Definitely makes for an interesting lunch though!

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