Let’s Do Lunch @ Foveaux Restaurant and Bar, Surry Hills

After looking at all the Let’s Do Lunch options on offer for this year’s SIFF, Foveaux Restaurant and Bar stood out to us as the one that we definitely had to attend. They certainly didn’t disappoint, offering two options for their Let’s Do Lunch, meaning that we got to sample 2 of their delicious mains.

Let’s Do Lunch Menu

Foveaux is located (surprise surprise) on Foveaux Street, not far from Central Station. We entered the restaurant and were greeted by friendly waitstaff and a nice warm ambiance. We started off with the wine which were matched to the two different dishes, and hot sourdough rolls with a generous slab of butter.

Amuse bouche

The lovely waitress brought us the complimentary amuse bouche, which was a warm smoked eggplant veloute with white sesame and cumin. It had a distinct eggplant flavour and biting into the cumin seeds released a spicy flavour which complimented the smoky eggplant. Sir D doesn’t like eggplant so he left half of his veloute to me, which I more than happily finished off.

Baked rainbow trout with Victorian morel mushrooms, clams, mache sugar snaps and sweet corn puree

It wasn’t long before our mains were brought over. We went halves on each dish. I had the baked rainbow trout first which was so moist and delicious. The sweet corn puree was smooth and creamy and the perfect compliment for the fish. Hidden underneath the trout were some clams out of the shell and some greens. Wasn’t sure about the mushrooms although I think the sauce underneath the fish was a mushroom sauce. Everything was perfectly cooked and absolutely heavenly. I was very sad to finish off my half and hand the rest of the dish over to Sir D.

Roasted lamb loin, white miso puree, crunchy wakame seaweed, asparagus, pea spours and jus gras.

Despite my initial disappointment in not being able to eat the rest of the trout, I quickly forgot about it when I sank my teeth into the tender lamb loin. The white miso puree had a subtle taste which ensured that the star of the dish was definitely the lamb. And oh the lamb was unbelievably soft with a bit of fat on one side which bursted with flavour. The crunchy specks of fried wakame and asparagus pieces added textural variety and a vibrant green colour to the dish. Although I still preferred the trout, the lamb was a very very close second.


Coffees were also included in the Let’s Do Lunch deal. We ended up having a fantastic relaxed lunch with friendly and attentive service. Both dishes were amazing and I thought it was great value for $35 since their mains are normally $34. I’ll definitely be returning to Foveaux Restaurant and Bar to sample more of their menu. 

Foveaux Restaurant and Bar
65-67 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 92110664
Lunch: Friday, noon-3pm
Dinner: Tuesday-Saturday, 6pm-late

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Do Lunch @ Foveaux Restaurant and Bar, Surry Hills”

  1. It is a good deal, since you get wine and coffee with it, too. Foveaux is on my list of places to eat at, and your lunch there has moved it up a couple of notches, hehe!

  2. That's a really great deal! (And the serving portions look nice and hearty). I'm a big fan of eggplant and cumin too – lucky you at getting the extra bit of veloute ;)

  3. Hi Ellie – hehe it was so delicious! Next time I'll have to eat the whole thing myself ;)

    Hi Belle – I'm planning on going back for their degustation, only $75 and you get a choice for each course which is great!

    Hi shez – It was a pretty good deal, especially with the complimentary amuse bouche. And of course what made it even better was that the food was delicious :)

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