Sugar Hit @ Sheraton on the Park, Sydney

With the SIFF drawing to a close, I decided that I should at least try one of the Sugar Hits since I’ve never been to one. There were so many to choose from, but thanks to the Eat Show & Tell crew, choosing which one to attend became a lot easier from their extensive reviews! I initially wanted to go to Glass Brasserie and Azuma Kushiyaki, but they were both booked out on the night, so I settled for Sheraton on the Park.

A candy creation of chocolate and sugar in the Gallery Tea Lounge – it smelt delicious!

Almost as soon as we sat down, we were presented with our Brown Brothers Orange Muscat and Flora. Not long after that, a waitress came over with 2 Sugar Hits. The service was very efficient, almost too efficient. It made me feel a bit rushed which was strange considering that more than half the tables were still empty. But maybe that was just me.

Warm chocolate pudding sprinkled with golden almond splinters, honeycomb ice cream and a drop of chantilly cream, served with a glass of Brown Brothers dessert wine – $20

Anyway, onto the food! The presentation was really nice with a generous pool of chocolate sauce on top of the pudding, sprinkled with golden almond splinters. The pudding itself was gloriously chocolatey but not overly sweet, but (as mentioned by FFichiban on Here Comes The Food) the pudding wasn’t gooey enough! I felt like I was digging away at the pudding for a long time before I reached the slightly gooey centre. The honeycomb ice cream made up for it though and I particlarly liked the chocolate chunks hidden in the ice cream. Both the chantilly cream and the waffle cup were a bit hit-and-miss for Sir D and I – he liked the cream but I thought it was bland, and he hated the waffle cup but I thought it was a nice and crisp accompaniment to the cakey pudding.

And instead of seeing a Lamborghini Gallardo, we spotted a Ferrari F430!

Sheraton on the Park
161 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW

Ph: +61 (02) 92866650

Sugar Hits are available every night from 9-11pm until 31st October as part of the Sydney International Food Festival. Check out for details.

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4 thoughts on “Sugar Hit @ Sheraton on the Park, Sydney”

  1. Hee hee we saw the f430 too (was gone when we left so no photos) so we were thinking they are planted.

    OOhh we didnt see the candy creation tho!

  2. Chunks in ice cream are wonderful aren't they! :) And that chocolate and sugar sculpture looks mad! I can't figure out what it is lol

  3. Hi Lorraine – Yeah I actually didn't know what it was either… abstract art? Haha although I do know the white thing in the middle has the Sheraton on the Park logo

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