Miro Tapas Bar, Sydney

One of the things I love about tapas is that you get to share everything – which for me means no pleading with people to have a little taste of their meals! Tonight we’re at Miro Tapas Bar to farewell MB who is jet setting off to Europe for 2 months – lucky him! And by some divine miracle from the food gods we get seated at the only well-lit table in the whole place. Not so good for the ambiance but definitely good for my photos =D

Sangria – $20 for a jug

We start off with a jug of sangria for the table, which is sweet and fruity. Very drinkable.

Calamares al Sol (strips of calamari, golden browned on the hot plate with a special salsa) – $12.00

We order a whole lot of tapas to share depending on everyone’s preferences and luckily we end up with lots of different dishes. First up is the calamari with salsa verde which is a simple yet delicious dish. The calamari is also very tender.

Champignones al Ajillo (garlic mushrooms) -$11.00

Next is the ubiquitous tapas dish: garlic mushrooms. These are juicy and have a great garlicky flavour.

Pollo a la Plancha (BBQ chicken topped with paprika salsa) – $16.00

We also order barbeque chicken with paprika salsa. The description of the dish doesn’t sound very exciting but it is fantastic! There is both chicken breast and thigh coated in a lovely sweet paprika sauce and it ends up being one of my favourite tapas of the night.

Albondigas en Salsa (meatballs in tomato sauce) -$12.00

Another tapas favourite, albondigas meatballs, was ordered as well. Although the meatballs are big, there are only four or so in the small bowl which is a bit disappointing. Luckily the meatballs are tasty and the rich tomato sauce was so delicious that I end up eating the rest of the sauce by itself!

Esparragos a lo Sencillo (fresh asparagus quickly sauteed with garlic and olive oil) – $11.50

Some greenery was required we got the asparagus. This is mild in flavour compared to the previous dishes and could’ve done with a little bit more of the cheesy sauce but it is refreshing and a nice break between the richness of the other tapas.

Patatas Bravas (deep fried potatoes in a spicy tomato salsa) -$9.50
Tortilla Espanola (potato and onion omelette) -$11.00

Potato-lover MB had to order everything potato on the menu, so we ended up with patatas bravas and tortilla espanola. The patatas bravas is nice and crispy on the outside but needs a little bit more of the spicy salsa to go with all the potatoes. The tortilla espanola is delicious and moist with the egg perfectly cooked.

Huevos a la Flamenca (eggs and chorizo cooked in rich tomato salsa) -$12.00

We get two chorizo dishes: chorizo with caramelised apple and chorizo with egg and tomato sauce. My favourite by far is the chorizo with egg and tomato – it’s a similar rich tomato sauce that came with the meatballs but is a bit spicy. Combined with the chorizo and the soft egg it was the perfect combination! Would definitely order this one again.

Chorizo con Menzanas caramelizadas (BBQ chorizo with caramelised apple) – $13.00

The chorizo with caramelised apple is slightly different since it has a sweet sauce. I find the chorizo a bit tough but the little bits of apple are soft and sweet and I try and steal as many of these as possible hehe

Cordero en pasta de aceitunas negras (lamb cutlets, olive tapenade, pine nuts and rosemary) – $19.00

When we order the lamb cutlets we specifically ask for it without the pine nuts since MB is allergic to nuts, but as usual they forget and the dish turns up with the nuts on the plate. Thankfully the waitress is very understanding and returns the dish to the kitchen and instead of just brushing off the nuts which is what we expected them to do, they cook us a new dish which was very kind of them. Unfortunately the lamb ended up being quite bland and overcooked… perhaps the pine nuts made all the difference? ;)

Croquetas de Bonito (tuna croquettes) -$13.50

We’re getting pretty full at this point, but this is the dish we came here for! The tuna croquettes are a MUST order at Miro. They arrive piping hot and deliciously crunchy on the outside with a smooth creamy interior flecked with flakes of tuna. We love these so much we order double quantities, and even though the leftover croquette gets donated to MB we were all secretly lusting after it.

Churros: 2 ladyfingers with thick hot chocolate and caramelized fudge – $9.00

Although we’re almost bursting at the seams by now, Miro has a $30pp minimum on Saturday nights. Given that we’d ordered so much food we thought we’d have reached the minimum but a quick calculation from Sir D reveals that we’re $6 short! We decide to order a plate of churros to share (which usually comes with 2 ladyfingers) plus 2 extra ladyfingers. However, there is a mix up with the waiter thinking that we wanted 2 orders of churros with one extra ladyfinger on each. Although we were quite sure the waiter simply misheard, he was a bit stubborn about it which was a shame because it ruined the night a bit for all of us. In the end he corrected the order and we got charged correctly as well. We ended up with a plate of churros with 3 ladyfingers, and 1 lonely ladyfinger given to us on a separate plate.

The churros are freshly deep fried and the dulce de leche is awesome as usual, but unfortunately the chocolate is not thick at all but rather watery and bland. We leave with our bellies full of delicious tapas and although the service is a bit iffy sometimes, I’ll definitely be returning for some more tuna croquettes!

Miro Tapas Bar
76 Liverpool Street
Sydney NSW
Ph: +61 (02) 92673126
Open Monday – Saturday, 5.30pm til late
Friday and Saturday table service minimum charge of $30pp
10% surcharge on public holidays

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