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After my last visit to Bacco Pasticceria left me empty handed, I was determined to go early enough this time to grab some sugar-laden sweets for myself! I headed up to Chifley Plaza with my mum for an early lunch and we just managed to grab a table before lunch rush-hour. 

Misticanza salad with eye fillet – $11.00

Bacco Pasticceria serves mainly salads and panini for lunch, so we ordered one of each to share. The Misticanza salad was a nice mix of greens, cucumber, Roma tomatoes, spanish onion, feta, olives and pieces of eye fillet, served with a slice of bread. Although the beef looked tough and dry, it was surprisingly tender and the aged Balsamic vinegar dressing ensured that it wasn’t dry at all. 

Pollo Marinato panini – $10.50

I chose the Pollo Marinato panini which had marinated chicken with rocket, Roma tomato, gaucamole and aioli. Their panini are made fresh at the counter for you which meant that the bread was still soft, fluffy and un-soggy from the filling. You also have a choice of having white bread, brown bread or a wrap.

The panini was quite large and loaded with fillings so it was a bit difficult to eat – I ended up deconstructing it and eating the chicken and salad with a knife and fork whilst taking bites of bread in between! The salad filling was very fresh and the chicken was moist, especially with the guacamole and aioli as well. 

But this is what I was really here for: dessert! Their glass cabinet is full of sweet goodies like fruit tarts, lemon meringue pies, eclairs and cakes all of which are beautifully constructed and delicious-looking. They don’t usually have prices on the pastries and cakes but when I went most of them were $6 each except for some of the smaller items like the cannoli which were $3.50.

Mango and Blueberry tart – $6.00

I took home a mango and blueberry tart which had a dark, very crispy pastry. It reminded me somewhat of Bourke St Bakery’s pastry although not quite as earth-shatteringly crunchy. The inside of the tart was a creamy custard and the fresh mango slices and blueberries paired well with the sweet custard. The toffee shard was also a nice crunchy addition to the tart. 

Concorde – $6.00

The concorde was a tower of chocolate and hazelnut goodness. If you love meringue and mousse then this dessert is definitely for you! A cylinder of chocolate mousse on a meringue base is encased around the fortress of hazelnut meringue batons, and topped with crushed meringue pieces and cocoa powder. 

The chocolate mousse is incredibly rich and although the light meringue pieces offset the dense mousse interior, it does get quite heavy and rich once you’re halfway through the cake! I recommend you share this with at least one other person, although Sir D and I struggled to finish this off, even though it was absolutely heavenly. I’ll be sure to go back to try more of their desserts in future!

Bacco Pasticceria
Ground floor, Chifley Plaza
2 Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9223 9552
Open Monday to Friday, 7am-5pm
Wine Bar and Ristorante open Monday to Friday, 12pm-10.30pm

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14 thoughts on “Bacco Pasticceria, Sydney”

  1. I came here a couple of months ago but had to give lunch a miss after not being able to find a table amongst the hordes on their office lunch break. But I did spot the lovely cakes on display and promised myself I will try again!

  2. The glass cabinet has some wonderful desserts, doesn't it? So colourful yet reasonably priced! Love the closeup photo of the panini.

  3. Desserts! Yes, that is what you're really there for haha. I share the same view – dessert is a vital part of the meal :) And the selection at this place looked amazing! Especially the concorde! Love the photos by the way. And thanks for dropping by our blog / giving us an award (not sure what that is at the moment)!

  4. Hi Simon – Ooh I must try the Italian schnitzel next time then! I saw the strawberry tart that you blogged about as well and I was going to get it but unfortunately they sold the last one while I was eating lunch :(

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse – I think you can actually get all the lunch food takeaway if you have somewhere else to sit (maybe in the foodcourt upstairs?) Definitely try the cakes though :)

    Hi Belle – Yep considering the quality of the desserts (I'd put them up there with Zumbo's but maybe lacking his creativity) they're very reasonably priced! Thanks for the photo love ;)

    Hi AY – Can't have a meal without dessert, right? Hehe the award is at the end of the previous post (Musashi) if you haven't found it yet ;)

    Hi joey – Haha you're right, I didn't even need to ask that question, because who doesn't love meringue and mousse?!

  5. Hi Ellie – Haha me too! If only I could make it myself but I'm sure it wouldn't be as nice

    Hi Bean Sprout's Cafe – OMG Ja I only just realised you were working there! If only I'd known I would've said hi! I'll be sure to look for you next time – do you actually work at the counter or in a different kitchen?

  6. I so have to get there one day! And those prices are amazing. The salad looks like it would be at least worth double the price. And I love the fact that Ja works there so I want to go and taste the cakes that she makes :)

  7. Hi Lorraine – Haha yes I'll have to go back and ask Ja specifically which cakes she baked and buy those ones!

    Hi chocolatesuze – The meringue was so awesome and crispy, the only problem that after a while it got super sweet! That didn't stop me from polishing it off though haha

  8. haha… we take turn making cakes.. so if I know which day you will come, then I will tell you which one I made (then you shouldn't have that one..hahahahaha)

    I work in the different kitchen upstair.. and just come down to the counter not so often :(

    (agree that the concorde is super sweet even we have already tried adjust recipe cuz I told them that it is too sweet lol)

  9. Hi Bean Sprout's Cafe – Well next time I plan on going I'll let you know and I will most definitely buy the one that you made haha

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