Ozeki Sushi, Chatswood

My friends know me well. “Jacq!”, said Queen Chu, “there’s a new sushi train near Chatswood Chase – lets go check it out!” Queen Chu loves food just as much as I do so without delay we went in our post-uni-exam bliss to eat sushi to our heart’s content.

Chicken katsu with cucumber inside out roll – $3.80

We were greeted with the coolness of stainless steel decor and the waitresses directed us to some seats at the bench. We watched the plates of sushi go by on the train and the first thing we noticed was how big the serving sizes were! Giant slices of fish and sushi bursting with more than substantial fillings were going past our eyes and we couldn’t wait to dig in. (And I also couldn’t wait to take photos with my new DSLR camera =D)

Salmon nigiri – $3.00

The chicken katsu inside out roll came with three pieces of sushi on the plate which is quite different since most places have only two. It had two pieces of succulent fried chicken inside the roll with a sliver of cucumber for some refreshing coolness. The salmon nigiri was very fresh and the slice of fish was larger than you see in most sushi trains.

Tempura Prawn hand roll – $3.80

Queen Chu ordered a tempura prawn hand roll which she said was very fresh – the tempura and seaweed still crunchy and not soggy from the rice. Queen Chu is somewhat renowned within our group of friends for leaving food behind if it’s not to her taste (she has a very refined palate which comes from her mum not liking her to “mix flavours” LOL) but she cleaned this one up which is a very good sign! 

Agedashi tofu – $5.80 (I think)

She also ordered the agedashi tofu which is a favourite of hers and she also approved of this with the starchy batter not being too thick and the tofu being smooth and silken.

Aburi Scallop sushi – $4.80

Being the scallop fiend I am, I ordered the aburi scallop sushi because I can’t not have scallops when I see them and also to compare with Sushi Sagunja’s bargain $2.50 aburi scallops. I have to say that although these were good, they didn’t have that aromatic smokey flavour and there just wasn’t enough of that sweet sauce to go with it. Sushi Sagunja wins hands down in terms of value and quality.

Soft Shell Crab sushi – $3.80

Lastly I grabbed a plate of the soft shell crab sushi in the hope for some deep fried crunchy goodness. The pieces of sushi were large and the amount of soft shell crab was very generous. Sadly when I bit into the sushi there was no resounding crunch from the batter, which was quite disappointing.

Being in Chatswood which is already littered with sushi trains we couldn’t help but shamelessly compare this newcomer to the more well-established places. We mostly found that this place had bigger serving sizes than most other sushi trains but were priced similarly to Makoto for somewhat lower quality and less varity. It seems as though the made-to-order items were much better than the ones sitting on the train, and although we probably didn’t sample enough of their menu to adequately judge, next time I’d probably go to another place for my sushi fix.

Ozeki Sushi

345 Victoria Ave
Chatswood NSW 2067
Ph: +61 2 9410 2777

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19 thoughts on “Ozeki Sushi, Chatswood”

  1. ooh new sushi train in chatswood! because chatswood doesn't have enough of them LOL…not that I'm complaining! I still need to try the one in the mandarin centre first…

  2. Hi joey – Thanks! I absolutely love sushi so I'm always on the lookout for new places to try.

    Hi chocolatesuze – Aburi scallop is my favourite! Can't get enough of that charcoaly smokey flavour… and that sauce! Yum!

    Hi Stephcookie – Haha I know when I heard there was another sushi train I was thinking that surely they had enough already? Oh well, more sushi for me =D

  3. Oh noooo I totally want soft shell crab now. I usually have crappy luck with sushi trains – it's either too expensive or have not-so-great sushi. I'll need to make a trip to Chatswood one day and get down with the sushi trains. Balmain isn't exactly a Japanese food mecca…

  4. Hey, I tried this place out just over a week ago as well! Post to come soon but photos won't be as nice as yours as I forgot my camera and had to resort to using my phone ><

  5. We went to this place a week ago. Came out with the same conclusion that Makoto is better with more variety. Heard that Ozeki and Sagunja belong to the same owners – Korean people.

  6. Hmm yeha I haven't tried this place yet because it looked mediocre and I heard that it was owned by Koreans :( but thanks for the review!

    I'm assuming the larger servings will gradually diminish as this place gets established :P

  7. ohhh I walked by this place this morning after my dentist visit!
    Maybe that's why I have this crazy craving for sushi today…. I. WANT. MY. SUSHI.

  8. Hi Rose – Haha no, I wouldn't expect there to be much in terms of Japanese food in Balmain, but you have so many other places to eat! And Zumbo!

    Hi Charmaine – Interesting that Ozeki is owned by the same people as Sagunja, I had a feeling that the place was owned by Koreans. Their sushi is still quite good though, but I agree just not as good as Makoto ;)

    Hi FFichiban – Yes you're probably right about the large servings getting smaller and smaller. It's probably just a tactic to reel people in at this early stage!

    Hi Yas – LOL I see that you satisfied your craving at dinner time though hehe

    Hi Lorraine – Thanks! I hope you're having a fab time in Austria! I'm surprised you have time to comment on blogs hehe

  9. Wow, you're really spoiled for choice at Chatswood for sushi train.

    Generally love aburi sushi, so the scallop version looks really nice.

    Hmph. My verification work is unisms. Go figure.

  10. I love sushi trainssss. I agree makoto is expensive and quality has gone down. One of my favourites on a sushi train is the grilled scallops Mmmm :P

    Congrats onthe new SLR (is that the one you bought to Simon's picnic?) if it is.. Welcome to the Canon clubb WHoo HoO!! hehe…

  11. Hi Simon – Haha yeah there's sushi trains popping up all over the place! Aburi sushi is my favourite, I love the smokey flavour mmm…

    Hi Leona – Yes grilled scallops! Always have to order those if I see them =P And yes the new SLR is the one I brought to Simon's picnic, but still slowly figuring out all the features etc. Perhaps you need to give me some pointers because your blog photos are always stunning!

  12. went to oseki in Nov ,that was good ~~

    at this moment makoto and oseki are fighting haha by reducing all plates price to $3 each

    love oseki more than makoto since its quality has gone down

    P.S I am more interested what DLSR you got XD:

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