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Recently, I raved about the beautiful cakes at La Renaissance Patisserie, so it comes as no surprise that I got just a little bit excited upon finding out that a new French bistro had opened down the road, which was run by the same people as La Renaissance. I promptly booked myself and Sir D in for dinner and headed out one balmy evening to the shiny new glass building in The Rocks that is Baroque Bistro.

Of course, I had done my research before arriving and had perused the online menu at length to decide what we wanted to order. But all of that went out the window when I saw the blackboard specials for the day. There was bouillabaisse, and confit pork, and the desserts! This was going to be a difficult choice indeed.


In the end we settled for two mains and two desserts, since the restaurant’s connection to La Renaissance surely meant that they did their sweets well. While we were waiting for the food to arrive, we spotted people carrying out large boxes of Achachas from the adjoining bar area. One man overheard me mentioning the Achacha and kindly offered to give us one each to taste! Upon piercing the orange skin, a white flesh was revealed which tasted mostly sweet with a little bit of sourness. We were told that the fruit was similar to mangosteen, but having never tasted mangosteen before I can only liken it a lychee, albeit with an entirely different texture.

Ocean trout fillet, carrot puree – $24

The ocean trout was divine with the fish being cooked to perfection, producing a soft, just-cooked piece of fish. The carrot puree was smooth and creamy, and it was so good I was tempted to take the whole plate and lick it clean!

Bouillabaisse (blackboard special) – $25

The bouillabaisse came with prawns, squid and pieces of John Dory. Although the prawns were slightly overcooked, the squid and fish were perfectly tender. The rich seafood broth was heady with the smell of the ocean and tasted particularly of prawns. Sir D found the broth a bit too fishy but I loved it and appreciated the small bucket of bread which was brought out to mop up all the broth.

Rouille and croutons (comes with bouillabaisse)

Accompanying the bouillabaisse were some croutons and garlic rouille which were crunchy and very moreish.

Breton shortbread with apple and nougatine, apple coulis – $15

The breton shortbread dessert with apple and nougatine was a marriage of caramel and apple flavours. The nougatine in the foreground resembled a florentine minus the chocolate and the fruit, and was earth shatteringly crunchy – a nice contrast to the gooey caramel and soft apples. The two caramel sticks were topped with gold leaf and were deliciously melty and paired well with the apple and shortbread crumbs. I was so tempted to lick this plate clean as well, the caramel slick on the plate had just the right balance of sweetness and bitterness.

Peach coulis, fresh peach, peach granita, mandarine champagne, creme de fromage blanc, pop rocks – $16

The peach dessert was almost the complete opposite of the previous dessert – cool, refreshing with some pop rocks thrown in for some fun! The dish arrived with a spoonful of pop rocks on the side, and we sprinkled them over the coulis where they started crackling away. The dessert was wickedly peachy with the inside of the peach having been hollowed out and stuffed with the granita and the fromage blanc which tasted like yoghurt. This one is definitely for your inner child, I was having so much fun just putting the coulis + pop rocks in my mouth and letting them snap and crackle on my tongue heehee.

We left the restaurant feeling not too poor and quite satisfied. I was reasonably full but Sir D was contemplating getting a late night snack on the way home. The portions were quite small so if you’re a big eater you might need a second dinner ;) but don’t miss out on the desserts – they were definitely the star of the show!

Baroque Bistro Patisserie
88 George Street
The Rocks NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9241 4811
Open 7 days, 8am – midnight

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15 thoughts on “Baroque Bistro Patisserie, The Rocks”

  1. the French menu looks interesting. i'm always looking out for a good Bouillabaisse. I've tried the one at Taste on Sussex Lane which was quite nice. not sure if they still serve it on the menu at the moment though.

  2. That peach dessert is amazingly orange! But I'm hoping it would be fragrantly summery and full of tropical flavour…?

  3. When we did a little foodbloggers dinner at Baroque, Kath Lorraine and I all fell inlove with the ocean trout too!!!! It was cooked a little bit differently but all the same fantastic!

  4. Nice write up! The peach dessert looks like it would have been a lot of fun :)

    Did this veer all that much away from what you'd originally intended to have?

  5. A lack of poverty is always to be celebrated. Especially when appetites are sated in the process : )

    Also, I recommend Ton-Ton for second-dinners. So does my Shooter. Even if you're on the other side of the Harbour.

  6. Hi Simon Food Favourites – This is actually the first time I've had bouillabaisse so I'm afraid I can't say whether it's good or bad since I don't have anything to compare it to. But I'm keen on trying ones from other places – might give Taste on Sussex Lane a try :) Thanks for the tip!

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse – I'm not sure about tropical but it was definitely summery! The peach was wonderfully sweet and luscious.

    Hi joey – As soon as I read pop rocks, I was sold =P

    Hi Trissa – I think you should be able to find them at Harris Farm but maybe check out this site to see if there's any places near your area.

    Hi Trisha – Ooh yes I read all your blog posts about it and that's the main reason why I really wanted to get the ocean trout! Thanks for the recommendation :)

    Hi Simon – Thanks! Haha I'm sure you would've loved the pop rocks judging from what happened with Helen's spare packet of popping candy a few weeks ago ;) I was pretty set on getting the ocean trout dish but was tossing up between the bouillabaisse and beef cheeks I think. I was also thinking of getting a chocolate croquette dessert but then the pop rocks won me over =P

    Hi The Ninja – I do love a good bargain! And I would agree that Ton Ton is worth the trek across the CBD, I'm sure I'd be hungry again after all that walking!

  7. the dishes do look quite small but gorgeous nonetheless. I'm definitely going there to try the desserts – they look sensational!

  8. I like Baroque. The Ocean Trout was my absolute favourite. I found the food to be reasonable in price. I cant wait to go there again.

  9. Hi panda – If only the could up the potion sizes just a little bit, but the food itself was delicious!

    Hi A cupcake or two – I can't wait to go back either and sample more of their menu :)

    Hi Ellie – I wonder if you can just go for dessert…?

  10. Ooh the ocean trout was my favourite dish there. It was so beautifully cooked and went so well with the carrot puree! :) I'm rather amazed at how reasonable the prices are for the area too!

  11. Hi Lorraine – Yeah the combination of the ocean trout and the carrot puree was amazing! The reasonable prices and great food will definitely keep me going back

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