Belgian Beer Cafe, Cammeray, for Half Price Mussels!

Did someone say mussels? With Belgian fries? For half price??

I’m always on the hunt for a bargain and one that included a huge pot of mussels and Belgian fries was not one that I was going to pass up. Sir D and I waltzed up to Belgian Beer Cafe in Cammeray one Wednesday afternoon for a late lunch. The place was still buzzing at 2pm but we were seated promptly.

We were given huge double-sided A3 sized menus with food on one side and beer on the other. My eyes zoomed into the section entitled “Mussels” to check out all the flavours – there were so many to choose from! I couldn’t decide between 3 of them so I said, “Let’s get all three!” (out comes my greedy side). Sir D suggested we start off with two and if we were still hungry then get the third one. A wise decision, since we were so full after two pots that we had to sit and digest for a while before we left.

Provençale Mussels – $13.45 (normally $26.90)

In the end we decided on the Provençale and the Poulette flavoured mussels. The provençale was cooked with tomatoes, herbs and garlic and had a lovely garlic aroma when it was brought to our table.

We dug in with gusto, slurping the mussels out of their shells and then using the mussel shells to scoop up some of the delicious sauce. The mussels themselves were cooked just right and none of them were overcooked and chewy. Unfortunately there was a lot of celery in the pot and we spent a lot of time picking out because neither of us like it haha.

Poulette Mussels – $13.45 (normally $26.90)

To our dismay, there was a lot of celery in the Poulette flavoured mussels as well! This one had a creamy white wine sauce with bacon and vegetables and was a lot richer than the Provençale. We enjoyed the bacon flavour in this sauce but towards the end it got too rich and Sir D decided to abandon the Poulette flavour in favour of the Provençale. Again, the mussels were perfectly cooked and I wondered how they managed to cook them en masse without overcooking any of them.

Belgian fries (included with mussels)

Both the mussel pots came with a side of Belgian fries which is served with mayonnaise. These golden fried batons of potato were one of the best I’ve had with a crunchy exterior and fluffy insides. They were so good that even though we were really full from the mussels, it felt like such a waste not to eat such delicious fries so we managed to plough our way through most of them. As a result, we were so full that we could barely move and once we hit home we promptly fell asleep in a food coma of sorts.

A sign of a good meal? I think so.

*Half Price Mussels are available every Wednesday from midday – 10pm at all Belgian Beer Cafe locations. Bookings recommended.

Belgian Beer Cafe (Epoque)
429 Miller Street
Cammeray NSW 2062
Ph: +61 2 9954 3811
Open 7 days from midday. Closed public holidays
$4pp surcharge on Sundays

Belgian Beer Cafe (Heritage) 
135 Harrington Street
The Rocks NSW 2000

Belgian Beer Cafe (Balmain)
82 Darling Street
Balmain East NSW 2041

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11 thoughts on “Belgian Beer Cafe, Cammeray, for Half Price Mussels!”

  1. Oh I LOVE Belgian Beer Cafe and zomg, how come I've never been to half-priced mussels?!

    I suggest we round up the gang and head there pronto! The Siam Mussels are calling me!

  2. Yay I love it here!! I eat wayyy too much chips with mayo when I go though. Those two flavours are my fav but I agree they always have wayyyy too much celery in them!

  3. I love the Belgian Beer Cafes, just wish the one at Cammeray didn't have such open seating which lets in so many flies! The fries are wonderful and I love the European habit of having creamy mayo with them =D

  4. Like you, I'm not a big celery eater too so I would be the same. The worst is when a place use celery leaves. Not a fan of those at all. Still half priced mussels sound good :)

  5. half priced mussels sound like a good idea! strange how there's celery in that pot of mussels; not necessarily an ingredient i would think of using.

  6. Half price mussels? I'm so there!!!! My favourite is the Tintin Au Congo with all that yummy lemongrass and celery and chilli goodness! Oh and the chips with aioli….. ah heaven!

  7. Hi Karen – Sounds like an idea! I could definitely go for more half-priced mussels!

    Hi Stephcookie – Yeah I don't really get what's with the celery, maybe I just happened to pick the flavours that they load up on celery? But yeah the chips are great! I think I'll start with those next time so they don't go cold :)

    Hi joey – Hehe they were gooooooood fries ;)

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse – So true, towards the end of the meal we were swatting away lots of flies even though we were seated inside. This is the first time I've had chips with mayo and it was awesome!

    Hi FFichiban – Haha for some reason I think Hoegaarden tastes a bit like Chinese tea, or is it just me? =P

    Hi Lorraine – I've never seen anywhere that uses celery leaves! Were they just used as a garnish or actually meant for eating?

    Hi panda – Yeah I'm not quite sure what was with all the celery but maybe I'll ask them to cut down on it next time!

    Hi Ellie – Hehe no problem! Maybe I'll bump into you there one day hehe

    Hi Trisha – The lemongrass one sounds nice! I reckon they should have an option to have aioli with chips everywhere instead of tomato sauce hehe

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