Flying Fajita Sistas, Glebe, for Taco Tuesdays

$3 tacos and $3 tequila shots – who could say no? Definitely not these eight hungry food bloggers who were intent on taking full advantage of Flying Fajita Sista’s taco platters. These platters allowed everyone to have one taco of each flavour with complimentary sides at the princely sum of $12pp.

Strawberry and White Wine Sangria (1 litre) – $19.50

We start off with some strawberry and white wine sangria which has brandy soaked strawberries, white wine, pineapple juice and ginger ale. This is sweet and refreshing compared to the heavier red wine sangrias and I particularly like the boozy strawberry chunks in the drink.

Trio of pepian, queso fundido and frijoles – $14.90

It’s 8.30pm and we’re all rather hungry so we order a trio of dips to share while we wait for our taco platters. The dips include pepian, queso fundido and frijoles and come with lightly salted blue, white and yellow corn totopas. The green pepian dip is made from pumpkin seeds and green chiles although is not too spicy. The frijoles (partially obscured by the corn chips in the photo) is a mashed pinto bean dip with Mexican spices, topped with grilled cheese. But the one we can’t get enough of is the queso fundido which is a charred tomato and ancho chile salsa melted with cheese. It’s oh-so-cheesy and Suze in particular takes delight in having a ramekin full of melted cheese in front of her.

Tacos with sweet chipotle chicken

The taco platters arrived there was a flurry of photo taking before we dug in. The sweet chipotle chicken tacos have chunky chicken pieces with melted cheese wrapped in soft tortilla. The chicken tastes good but sadly is a bit dry and stringy. This is solved by the sides of guacamole, salsa and sour cream which we dollop generously on our tacos.

Complimentary sides with taco platters – guacamole, sour cream and salsa

Tacos with ropa vieja

The ropa vieja tacos contain a mound of shredded beef which are flavoursome and not too dry.

During this time Helen also goes downstairs to visit the Wall of Pain which holds a shelf of hot sauces. Some of ones she came back with had interesting names to say the least…

I’m not particularly good with chilli so even a little tiny taste of the XXX + 1/2 rated Rectum Ripper had me gobbling a few corn chips to lessen the burn. These ones were only from the middle shelf, so I hate to think how hot the top shelf sauces would be.

Tacos with frijoles

The frijoles taco has the same filling as the frijoles dip, a spiced bean paste topped with melted cheese. It is quite difficult to eat since the beans ooze out the sides of the taco and it has quite a different texture – a bit grainy but mushy at the same time.

Tacos with achiote pulled pork

My favourite taco flavour of the night is without a doubt the achiote pulled pork. The finely shredded pork is very tender and not dry at all like some of the other fillings. After eating the pork taco I kept wishing that all the other tacos were pork-filled since it was so delicious!

Platano frito: Fried banana finished with fresh coconut creme, toasted coconut and white chocolate – $11.90

No meal is complete without dessert and it’s absolute music to my ears when we say “Can we have one of everything please?” Ah the joys of eating with a bunch of food bloggers =) I was quite excited about fried banana dessert but unfortunately it turned out to be one of my least favourite desserts of the night. The description and the appearance of the bananas held so much promise but as I bit into it I knew something was not quite right. The banana tastes floury and bland and is on the verge of being crunchy. Most of this dessert is left behind.

Orange, coffee and caramel creme brulee: Rich orange and coffee custard with caramelised sugar – $12.90

The orange, coffee and caramel creme brulee is much better with a satisfying crack as the spoon hits the toffee. The combination of flavours is interesting with the bitterness of the coffee coming through quite strongly but when eaten with the toffee it balances out quite nicely.

Mexican bread pudding: Brioche, spiced pecans and chunks of Mexican chocolate baked in a rich custard, finished with cinnamon anglaise – $13.90

I’m not a big fan of bread and butter pudding so not surprisingly the Mexican bread pudding doesn’t take my fancy either. It is harder and not as moist as I expect it to be although there are some nice cinnamon flavours in the pudding.

Chocolate mousse cake: Chocolate genoise brushed with Kahlua topped with a rich Mexican chocolate mousse, finished with espresso anglaise and creme – $12.90

The chocolate mousse cake is one of my favourites and whenever the plate comes back to our end of the table I take another spoonful of the light-as-air sweet chocolate mousse. I find the Kahlua soaked sponge base a bit too strong in alcohol but I simply can’t get enough of the fluffy mousse.

Banana and chocolate chimichanga: A flour tortilla wrapped around banana and chocolate then lightly fried. Served with cinnamon anglaise, caramel sauce and a coconut creme – $13.90

Lastly I try the banana and chocolate chimichanga which is a combination which can’t go wrong. Chunks of banana and chocolate are wrapped in a tortilla and fried to produce a combination of chewy pastry and a rich banana and chocolate filling.

We are the last people to leave so we quickly pay the bill which only amounts to $30 pp for tacos, drinks and desserts which is great value. I’m definitely planning on hitting up Taco Tuesdays again soon!

Flying Fajita Sistas
65 Glebe Point Road
Glebe NSW 2037
Ph: +61 2 9552 6522
Open 7 days from 6pm

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12 thoughts on “Flying Fajita Sistas, Glebe, for Taco Tuesdays”

  1. I think everyone loved the pulled pork the best! Next time I'd push for all pork – maybe a few beef ones in there just for some variety. A great night – we should definitely do this again soon!

  2. Hi Helen – Ooh yes lots and lots of pork tacos wheee! I think I'd be happy just eating the pork ones hehe along with that cheese dip!

    Hi chocolatesuze – The pork was awesome! And so was the sangria, it was a lot sweeter than I expected which is good. Also means I can drink more of it hehe

    Hi Karen – Haha I'd be up for a regular taco tuesdays meet-up! Especially if we can get mostly pork tacos =D

  3. This place is sure getting a workout from food bloggers! LOL. And no wonder, it looks good and who can resist cheap tacos? :)

  4. I'm totally with you, the pork tacos were the best! And I'm still surprised at how cheap it was considering we ordered so many desserts, let's go back soon!

  5. This place looks and sounds amazing! Pork it will be, thanks for the tip! I'm hanging out for the Chocolate & Banana Chimichanga, just to say I've tried it! :D

  6. hehe, there's nothing better than pigging out with your fellow foodies huh?! The creme brulee looks great and the serving looks quite large.

    Summer and mexican food is a perfect combo.

  7. Hi joey – Hehe that's inevitable when you dine out with a bunch of foodbloggers, but it was a great feed!

    Hi Stephcookie – Yes let's go back! And this time maybe we'll pass on the fried banana =P

    Hi Gummi Baby – Hehe no problem the pork was by far the best!

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse – I'd swoon over $3 pork tacos too!!

    Hi Adrian – You're so right, it's awesome when you can stuff your face with other people who are doing the exact same thing =D

  8. it was such a fun night! and i'll never forget that chili i put on my tongue at the end… whoooaaaa. searingly painful! but yes i agree with the rest, the pork tacos were TOPS. fried banana shouldn't have been invited to the party..

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