Black Star Pastry, Newtown

I love having so many friends who are into food because I can always trust them to start raving about the amazing food they’ve eaten. Black Star Pastry was one of these places that kept popping up in conversation, and I kept hearing about how awesome their lamb shank pies and cakes were from people at Sydney Uni.

It’s a bit of a trek from the main campus but totally worth the walk (or if you’re feeling lazy, just get a bus). The shop itself is quite small but there are benches and chairs on the pavement outside where you can sit and enjoy your pastries and coffee.

There are a range of sandwiches and savoury pastry items on the blackboard to choose from, as well as a display cabinet full of sweets. I have my mind set on getting the lamb shank pie just to see if it lives up to the hype, as well as a few sweet cakes and pastries to take home.

Lamb shank, red wine and vegetable pie – $7

You place your order and pay at the counter, and take your goodies to a table. From the moment I’m handed the pie, I can smell the aroma of red wine from the pie innards and I can’t wait to cut it open and sink my teeth into it.

The pastry shatters as I slice my knife down the middle and it flakes all over the table. Inside the pie, the meat from the lamb shank has been shredded and is incredibly soft and flavoursome. The red wine gravy coats the meat thickly and there are also some vegetables thrown in for good measure. It’s definitely one of the best pies I’ve ever had.

Strawberry watermelon cake with rose cream – $6

The pie is quite rich and filling from all the butter in the pastry but I can’t resist getting some desserts as well. The Black Star signature strawberry, watermelon and rose cream cake is easily one of the prettiest cakes I’ve seen. Though there are layers of cream between the sponge, it is amazingly light and refreshing. I love the unexpected crunch from the watermelon slice and the subtle rose flavour in the cream. I have no problems wolfing this down and even consider getting another piece!

Amedei chocolate and hazelnut torte – $6

The chocolate hazelnut torte is dense and rich with layers of Amedei chocolate ganache and ground hazelnuts and it reminds me of an opera cake. It has a glossy dark chocolate glaze on the top and a little piece of gold leaf for some decadence.

Custard Flan – $5

The custard flan doesn’t get consumed until later that night and by that time the pastry has lost a little of its crispyness. The custard filling is not too sweet and there is a light glaze brunhed on the surface for some shine. It’s probably one of the biggest custard tarts I’ve seen, like a jumbo-sized Portuguese tart.

There are still plenty of other cakes and pastries I’ve yet to try including a strawberry crumble, chocolate eclair as well as their famous ginger ninjas. But I don’t think a visit to Black Star is complete without the lamb shank pie and the strawberry watermelon cake which I’ll definitely be coming back for again and again!

277 Australia St
Newtown NSW 2042
Ph: +61 2 9557 8656
Open 7 days, 7am – 5pm

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15 thoughts on “Black Star Pastry, Newtown”

  1. That watermelon cake has got to be one of the few things I enjoy rosewater in – enough to be noticed, yet not overpowering and stealing the limelight! Not to mention, gorgeously light in texture and perfect for summer.

  2. That cake is so pretty – almost too pretty to eat. I've been hearing heaps about this place as well as it's not too far from my work so I'll venture down here one day and check it out. The walk would justify the pie and then the cake I'm bound to have.

  3. Shhhhh. Don't tell everyone! This place is as good as Zumbo, but doesn't have the queues. Long may it stay that way.

  4. The strawberry watermelon cake is such a treat here, but I have to admit I have quite a soft spot for the canneles as well.

  5. I bought the chocolate torte to take home the other week and it was gorgeous. I must get back here for that fantastic-looking lamb pie!

  6. Whoa, new layout? Nice… :)

    Loved the strawberry/watermelon cake. So light it feels like you could keep eating it for ages!

  7. Dammit, another place I have to add to my list to try. Lucky Newtown! That pie does look glorious, I'm over heavy pastry and both this and the watermelon cake sound delicious! :D

  8. Hi mademoiselle delicieuse – I'm not a big fan of floral flavours either but the rosewater just works in that cake, and you're right, it's perfect for hot summer days.

    Hi Melba Toast – Ooh you're lucky working close to this place! Definitely try the pie and grab a cake for an afternoon snack :)

    Hi Richard – Woops did I spoil the secret?! I have to agree that it's as good as Zumbo, not quite as quirky but just as delicious :)

    Hi Helen – I wanted to get a cannele and an eclair as well but didn't quite have the stomach space for it lol. Next time!

    Hi joey – mm yes that chocolate torte was exquisite! I'm craving some of it right now…

    Hi Simon – Yep, new layout :) Hehe you're so right about the cake though it's probably got a million hidden kilojoules which you don't notice because it's so light!

    Hi LottieP – I love it when things live up to the high expectations that other people set for it, and the pie did exactly that for me too! Love the photos on your post!

    Hi Angie – The watermelon cake is definitely something unique, I don't think I've ever seen watermelon in a cake anywhere else! I can't wait to go back too, there's so many other things I want to try!

    Hi FFichiban – Oh no sadness! Go and get your pie!!

    Hi Gummi Baby – hehe it's an ever expanding list isn't it?

    Hi ourfoodtales – Ooh I'll have to visit Pie in the Sky at Mount Dandenong next time I'm around there then!

    Hi Sara – Haha that is so true, I would never have imagined watermelon in a cake before this! It sounds odd but it works :)

    Hi Jackie – Yep, this one is a truly decadent dessert but if you love your rich chocolate and hazelnut cakes then I'm sure you'll love it!

  9. The Strawberry and Watermelon Cake are to die for, I have never tasted anything so refreshing and beautiful. Sorry Black Star Pastry but I am glad I live out west and not near you otherwise I would just have to have that cake just about everyday. I had that cake as my 50th birthday cake and everyone loved it.

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