The Boat House, Palm Beach

One hot summer Saturday, Sir D and I thought it would be a great idea to head up to Palm Beach for day. We thought about this very carefully – we knew there would be heaps of people at the beach on a 30 degree day so we figured that we’d just go for lunch somewhere away from the main beach. And we figured if we arrived at Palm Beach just before 2pm, we’d miss the lunch crowd and be able to have a quiet, relaxing lunch.

Oh how wrong we were.

We rocked up at The Boat House in Governor Phillip Park and it seemed like the rest of Sydney had thought it’d be a good idea to come here too. A sign out the front said that there was a 40 minute wait for food, and the queue to order stretched out the door. We walked past all the people enjoying lunch outside on picnic rugs, on wooden benches or even just standing up and joined the queue.

Ready for a 40-minute wait with our table number

Lunch items are written on a blackboard and crossed out as they sell out. The service here is very do-it-yourself – you order and pay at the counter, take your number and find a table. Fill up your own water carafe at the stylish ‘sink’ in the middle of the indoor dining area and grab your own water glasses.

Take some time to admire the simple white interior accented by colourful stripy chairs and flowers, check out the water views from the verandah and deck, and see what food items are for sale on the shelves. And then you wait.

Local beer-battered flathead and chips served with house made tartare and lemon wedges – $22.50

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