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The newest addition to Chatswood’s Eat Street is one that you can smell from a few blocks away. Hang around the Railway Street side of Chatswood station and you will notice the lingering smell of charcoal and spices. Yep, that’s Crazy Wings you can smell, the restaurant right next to Mamak serving crazy meat, crazy vegies and even crazy honey toast – all on a stick.

(left) Hot Kid Milk Beverage; (right) Peach blended ice

We order some drinks in preparation for a chilli onslaught. Captain Awesome selects the interesting “Hot Kid Milk Beverage” which comes in a cute mini can and is filled with sweetened milk. The rest of us go for more mainstream items such as the mango blended ice and peach blended ice.

Honey soy crazy wings - $2.50 each (2 wings on each skewer)

You can’t go to Crazy Wings without ordering their crazy wings and so we order three of the seven flavour options available. The honey soy is more honey than soy but nevertheless still juicy and flavoursome.

Original crazy wings - $2.50 each (2 wings on each skewer)
The chilli factor gets turned up ever so slightly with the original flavour but it’s more of a pleasant spice flavour rather than burning – and this is coming from a chilli wimp! This flavour has a crispier skin than the honey soy flavour and turns out to be my favourite.

Chili pepper crazy wings - $2.50 each (2 wings on each skewer)

Captain Awesome, having being disappointed at the chilli factor of the chili pepper flavoured crazy wings the first time she had them, requests that these ones be “so hot that it makes me cry”. And even though the wings looked bright red and laden with chilli flakes these were sadly not spicy for Captain Awesome, and only a bit spicy for me. (As it turns out, Captain Awesome returned for 3rd time and asked for them to make it super super super spicy and they absolutely caked on the chilli powder. Captain Awesome didn’t feel so awesome after that.)

Crazy Lamb - $8/half dozen or $15/dozen

If wings aren’t your thing, never fear for there are other crazy foods to be had. There is the crazy lamb which is flavoured with a peppery spice and very moreish.

Chicken fillet and soft bone (honey) - $6/3pcs

The honey flavoured chicken fillet and soft bone is glistening with honey and chunks of chicken fillet alternate with nubbins of crunchy cartilage on the skewer.

Teriyaki beef onion skewers - $6/3pcs

You can’t go wrong with the teriyaki beef onion skewers either, which are sure to be a crowd favourite with tender cubes of beef and onion brushed with a teriyaki sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

Fish tofu (4 pcs per skewer)

It’s not all meat, and not all crazy either. The fish tofu was four thin slices of what I think was the fish tofu that you can buy frozen in Asian supermarkets. It had the texture of a fishball but slightly less tough and was doused with a similar spice used to flavour the original crazy wings.

BBQ haricot beans - $4 for 4)

And just to make ourselves feel better we order the BBQ haricot beans for some greenery which are nicely charred with a hint of chilli.

If you love food on a stick, this is definitely the place for you. Aside from all the “craziness”, there are some deliciously smoky charcoal chicken wings to be had. I for one know that everytime I pass by Chatswood Station, the charcoaled meat smell calls out to me and it’s always tempting to just pop in for one or two of those Crazy Wings!

Crazy Wings
Shop P8, 1-5 Railway St
Chatswood NSW 2067
Ph: +61 2 9410 3978

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9 thoughts on “Crazy Wings, Chatswood”

  1. Hi joey – hehe I think you mean north? ;) chicken wings are the best!

    Hi chocolatesuze – the only sweet thing on the menu was the honey toast on a stick but no one else wanted to share with me haha. I wonder if it would have tasted charcoaly though…

    Hi the ninja – bahahaha legen-wait for it -dary!

    Hi Tina – haha I’m pretty sure the milk was cold! not really sure why it’s called ‘hot kid milk’ lol. and I am definitely of the belief that almost everything tastes better on a stick (although maybe not toast…)

    Hi Simon – now that would be interesting – drinks on sticks!

    Hi mademoiselle délicieuse – oh but you’re so close! everytime I go past I’m tempted by the charcoal chicken smell to get some wings…

    Hi Helen – haha unfortunately they didn’t have the BT monster on the menu at the Chatswood branch. Captain Awesome did tell me that she actually did get to try it at the Haymarket branch and was utterly defeated by it!

    Hi Sara – I’ve yet to try the one in the city, do you know if it’s the same menu? I do know that they have the BT monster there but I don’t think I’m game enough to try it!

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