Ad Lib Bistro, Pymble

Let’s be perfectly honest – the Upper North Shore is a bit of a dead zone when it comes to food. Aside from a few decent cafe-style restaurants, there’s not many places that you can go for a nice but affordable dinner (if I’m wrong feel free to provide suggestions!). That is, until Dietmar Sawyere’s Ad Lib Bistro moved onto the Pacific Highway in Pymble with classic French food served in a casual Parisian-bistro atmosphere. It’s clearly a favourite around here since we had to book 3 months in advance for a Saturday dinner.

Onion soup gratinée - $10

We start with the onion soup, which I had high hopes for after reading other reviews. The cheesy gruyere crouton covers the top of the soup tureen and eating our way through it reveals a rich, fragrant brown broth. It is sweet from the caramelised onions, though a little heavy handed on the booze which isn’t to Charm’s taste. I can’t pinpoint exactly what I don’t like about the dish but I find it a little underwhelming – but that may be because I hyped it up too much in my own head!

Sugar cured salmon, toasted brioche, herb and shallot mascarpone - $19

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Welcome to the new home of Penguin says Feed Me! My new domain and hosting is actually a birthday gift from my cousin and his fiancée and though it’s been a steep learning curve, it’s very exciting to have a web space I can call my own :) The move from Blogger to WordPress was a bit of a hassle (although do-able in the end) and caused me to have a few “omg I broke my blog!” moments. It’s taken me a week but hopefully everything works now – if anyone finds any problems with the site please let me know!

Vanilla cupcake from My Little Cupcake - $3.70

Anyway, I celebrated my birthday last week with a weekend packed full of eating. Sir D’s birthday gift to me was to fatten me up take me to places where I wanted to eat. And yes, a large proportion turned out to be sugar-laden treats but it’s my birthday so it’s ok, right? We started our tour at My Little Cupcake in Neutral Bay which (in my opinion) has the best cupcakes in Sydney! Cupcakes on Pitt and the Cupcake Bakery have nothing on these guys! Having had their vanilla cupcakes before, I knew that the cake would be perfectly light and oh-so-buttery with a frosting of luscious buttercream.

Chocolate cupcake from My Little Cupcake - $3.70

We also tried a chocolate one which was equally as amazing with a rich chocolate flavour and a slightly denser cake than the vanilla.

Scampi sushi at Ju-rin - $6.90 per piece (includes scampi miso soup, not pictured)

Lunchtime rolled around and I requested sushi so Sir D took me to Ju-rin in Crows Nest to indulge in some fresh sashimi and scampi sushi. They also use the scampi head and make you a bowl of miso soup with it – no wastage!

Raspberry Cloud from Adriano Zumbo Patissier - $9

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