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Even though I knew the address, I nearly walked right past Stitch Bar and had to do a double-take to make sure it was the right place. Nestled amongst office buildings, Stitch Bar is an unassuming doorway with the only clues to its existence being an assortment of sewing materials in the window and a doorman checking IDs.

A flight of stairs leads down towards the bar which is dark and packed with people. We’re here for drinks tonight, but after a few cocktails (which were very well-balanced and expertly made I might add), we decide to stay for dinner. It’s then that we realise that all the tables are taken up and there is no waitlist, it’s just a free for all (though you can book beforehand). We stand in amongst the tables waiting for a group to leave so we can pounce onto the vacant table, food court style.

Hand cut chunks: Hand cut crispy potatoes with roasted garlic and rosemary sea salt - $10

As soon as we score a table we get straight onto ordering food and the first thing to arrive is a bowl of crispy potatoes. It’s terribly dark but out comes Suze’s trusty iPhone and soon there is light shining down like it’s coming from heaven itself. The potatoes are piping hot with crispy edges but my favourite is the sweet and creamy roasted garlic cloves. Two squeezy bottles of tomato sauce and mustard are handed to us along with the potatoes, and I squeeze a bit of tomato sauce on each potato chunk before popping it into my mouth.

Wild Pig Dog: Wild boar sausage with spiced apple, rum-soaked currants and creamy slaw - $17

We each order our own hotdog or burger from the menu, with each person getting a different menu item as food bloggers do. Our of the five hotdog options available on the menu, we manage to order four of them.

The French Poodle: Toulouse style sausage, red wine and garlic with Tarago River Gippsland brie, pickled pear and dijon mustard - $17

These are clearly not your average hotdogs, with no red-skinned processed sausage in sight. Each sausage is different and comes with its own accompaniments and some greenery, and is sandwiched by a bun with a slightly crisp crust.

Mack Ducky Dog: Duck, orange and pistachio sausage with foie gras de canard and truffle sauce - $19

I manage to try some of Suze’s Mack Ducky Dog which is quite boozy from the Grand Marnier and has a touch of decadence with the slices of foie gras and truffle sauce.

The Fly’n Hawaiian: Chicken and rocket sausage with pineapple, bacon and honey mustard - $17

The promise of bacon has me ordering The Fly’n Hawaiian which is a great flavour combination with the salty bacon, the sweet and juicy pineapple and the squiggles of honey mustard sauce.

BLT - $19

Richard also goes for some bacon in the BLT burger which is a regular beef burger with the addition of smokey chillies, bacon, mayonnaise, mustard, and melted cheese. It’s held together by a small skewer which also has a pickle through it.

Curly fries

And of course, a burger or hotdog meal isn’t complete without some fries – curly fries in this case. They’re piled up on the side of the plate but unfortunately they arrive cold and a bit soggy. There is a generous sprinkling of chilli powder which is an interesting touch and it makes me wonder what the fries would be like if only they were fresh.

Though there’s ice cream sandwiches, chocolate brownie waffles and a caramelised banana split on offer for dessert, we spy other people lurking around waiting for a table so we decide to save it for next time. And next time we will be sure to make a booking in advance!

Stitch Bar
61 York St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9299 2719
Open Monday to Saturday, from 4pm til late

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