Tara Tea Room, The Rocks (now The Tea Cosy)

After seeing Suze’s post on the scones at Tara Tea Room I knew where I was going for my next scone fix! One afternoon Sir D and I were wandering around The Rocks and we came upon this outside the Irish Design Shop:


We knew we’d found the location of the Tara Tea Room so in we went.

Lots of tea cosies

We walk through the shop filled with Irish paraphernalia, past a staircase with tea cosies lining the side to the back area where you can order freshly baked scones, jam and cream.


There are lots of ways you can have your scones and lots of jams and creams to go with them. There are also speciality scones which are constantly changing and today they are maple syrup, date and cheese. We’re not quite hungry enough to have a tasting basket for two so we go for the Devonshire Tea with an extra scone and extra jam.

Devonshire Tea - $9.50, with extra scone ($1.50) and extra jam ($1.00)
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Melbourne Snackage

On top of eating three square meals a day while on holidays, there is always room in my stomach for some snacking. And in Melbourne, there are plenty of places for a sweet or savoury snack between meals.


Before I travelled to Melbourne, I remember Richard telling me to make sure I visited Chokolait while I was there. At the time, I didn’t see what the big fuss was all about, but I think the fact that I visited Chokolait three times during my week-long stay in Melbourne is a testament to how awesome it really is!

Chilli hot chocolate - $6.50

A range of hot chocolates with various origins, flavours, and cocoa percentages adorns the menu and we select the chilli hot chocolate to try on our first visit. The waitress asks us how hot we want the chilli on a scale of 1-10 (or more if we like!) and knowing my weak chilli tolerance, we go with a lowly 2. Despite getting minimal amount of chilli, the hot chocolate has a quite a significant tingle and spicy kick on the tongue and we wonder at how hot some of the higher numbers would be. There are also names scrawled on the blackboard with numbers in brackets next to them indicating the chilli level that they ordered for their chilli hot chocolate. Some of the numbers were in the 100s which was crazy!

Cinnamon hot chocolate - $6.50
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