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I’m not usually one to exercise but one crazy day, Sir D and I were planning on doing the coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte and we had just walked from Bondi Junction to Bondi Beach. Along the way we came across MOO Gourmet Burgers and decided to feed ourselves before tackling the next section of the walk.


MOO Gourmet Burgers in Bondi is a small shop on Campbell Parade just at the start of Bondi Beach. It’s painted in white and has bovine paraphernalia plastered on some of the walls, kids drawings on another wall and a chalkboard on the side that has been drawn on by diners. The place has a slight American diner feel to it, with several milkshake makers along the back and counter seating. Orders are placed at the counter, and you’re given a number which you take to your table.

MOOteaser - $6.50

When I see the flavours of the MOO shakes, I can’t help but order the MOOteaser shake since Malteasers are one of my favourite chocolates! The shake arrives in a tall glass (though I was hoping to get one of those silver milkshake cups) with chocolate sauce around the side of the glass. You can definitely taste the malty, chocolatey flavour of the Malteasers but I’m left wishing that there were a few more chunks and a stronger malt flavour overall – more Malteasers I say, more!

Black and White Burger - $14.50

The Black and White Burger is one of their signature burgers, and though it doesn’t look like anything much, the fried egg makes all the difference!

Black and White Burger - $14.50

Piercing the egg yolk with a knife makes the gooey yolk innards run down the side of the burger and oh what a lovely sight it is! The Angus beef patty is thin but juicy and I love the thick slab of mozzarella which is melted over the beef. The tomato relish and home-made mayonnaise bring all the elements of the burger together with a bit of sweetness and creaminess.

Classic Beef Burger - $10.50

Sir D opts for the classic beef burger and he is not disappointed. It doesn’t look as impressive minus the egg but is just as tasty, and at least he can actually finish his whereas I struggle to finish my burger, leaving half of the bread on the plate.

MOO Burgers

So yes, that burger and shake probably undid all the exercise I did that day, but at least I was well fed for the rest of my walk and my burger was super tasty. That’s all that matters, right?

MOO Gourmet Burgers
70A Campbell Pde
Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Ph: +61 2 9300 8898
Open everyday from 11am
Surcharge of $1.50pp applies on public holidays

Other locations: Coogee and Newtown

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12 thoughts on “MOO Gourmet Burgers, Bondi Beach”

  1. The Black and White burger is my fave MOO Burger – Though I too struggle to finish and usually leave half a bun left!
    hehe lucky for me I can head to MOO Burger at Newtown without much exercise.

  2. Great blog, love the photos! Next time, burgers at MOO Bondi Beach, then walk to MOO at Coogee beach for a MOO Shake, win win!
    Keely, we have always had malt btw :)

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