Lemon Sherbet Marshmallows

Since my last batch of marshmallows, I’ve been waiting to make another batch of these soft pillows of fluffiness. And there’s no reason not to anymore, now that my new KitchenAid is here to do all the hard work for me, whipping up the egg whites and sugar syrup to a thick, silky, glorious meringue.

I had this recipe bookmarked for ages, not only because I love lemon-flavoured things but because it included sherbet! I have fond memories of making sherbet in a Year 7 science class. We mixed citric acid, bicarb soda, jelly crystals and icing sugar in a foam cup with plastic spoons and spent the rest of the class eating it out of the cup, letting the powder fizz on our tongues. Best science class ever.

The recipe I used for these marshmallows is slightly different to the one I used last time, and I was worried that it wasn’t going to set because the consistency didn’t seem right. But after leaving them in the tin for a while they turned out perfectly – airy and bouncy and light as a cloud. And though the marshmallows look so pure and innocent with the stark white appearance, they sure pack a punch with the sour lemon flavour and the fizziness of the sherbet takes you completely by surprise!

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Scampi Degustation Dinner at Tomislav, Darlinghurst

Sea salt and vinegar rice crackers

I’m sure many of you will recognise the signature starter of Tomislav. Even though we’ve been here before, it’s hard to forget Tomislav’s quirky and fun take on food which begins right from the start of the meal. Tomislav’s rice crackers are made from rice paper that is deep fried to a light, crispy pappadum-shaped cracker, and the sea salt and vinegar version is served with a spray bottle containing a vinegar solution. It’s hard not to delight in the unusual experience of spraying liquid onto your rice cracker, and it allows the diner to control how much or how little vinegar they want on the cracker.

Scampi carpaccio

Tonight we’re at Tomislav for one particular reason – to pig out on scampi! Those that know me will know that I am an absolute seafood fiend, and scampi (also known as langoustines) is something I’ll always choose if I see it on a menu. I remember the first time I tasted scampi was at Makoto, and I fell in love with the sweet flavour and plump texture of the raw scampi. The first dish of the scampi degustation ($95pp including matched wines) tonight is a scampi carpaccio and it reminds me of the first time I tasted scampi. The scampi flesh is sweet and slippery, and obscured by a sheet of parsley puree, nubbins of white onion and caperberries. The fresh flavours of the onion, parsley and caperberries are balanced enough as to not overpower the delicate flavour of the scampi, and there is a hint of wasabi to add a little kick. A baton of fried bread also sits on the side as a buttery accompaniment to the dish.

Scampi cannelloni
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