Ribs and Burgers, Neutral Bay

Ribs and Burgers. A simple name for a restaurant that describes exactly what they do best – ribs and burgers. It hasn’t been open for long but already people are flocking there so that it is packed out on a Saturday night.

We’re greeted by a large blackboard displaying the menu at the front of the restaurant, while warm wooden tones, hanging cast iron pots and pans and dangling lights made from jam jars decorate the dining space. Order your meal at the counter before taking a numbered metal bucket and finding a seat, where your meal will be brought out to you.

Pork ribs - $28

You can’t go to a place called Ribs and Burgers without trying both the ribs and the burgers. The ribs menu is short and sweet, with a choice of beef, pork, lamb or Korean style “striblets”. The pork ribs are a smaller portion than expected but they are basted with a sweet, smoky sauce and have a nice charcoaled exterior. The meat is tender and flavoursome and I can’t resist picking up the bones with my hands and nibbling off all the meat.

Beef ribs - $19

The beef ribs are chunkier and meatier than the pork ribs but have the same delicious sauce over it. The meat falls off the bone easily and while I’m usually on team pork ribs, the beef ribs are just as good with Sir D claiming them as his favourite. The thick cut chips are also crisp and perfect for catching any leftover sauce.

Garlic burger - $12

The garlic burger is from the Original Burger range, each comprising of a 160g beef patty with lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickles and a mixture of Ribs and Burgers’ secret pink and BBQ sauces. The garlic burger also includes freshly whipped garlic and is a picture perfect burger with a sesame seed bun.

Wagyu burger - $17

The Wagyu burger, from the Butchers Choice burger range, was everything I had hoped for and more. Nestled in a flour-dusted foccacia bun was a sexy 225g Wagyu patty with lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles, the secret pink and BBQ sauces and crispy fried onion rings.

Wagyu burger innards

The Wagyu beef patty is super juicy and cooked well. I love the crispyness that the onion rings bring to the burger and all the elements go so well together that I’m tempted to eat the whole thing myself rather than go halves with Sir D. The only thing that would make this burger even better is a slice of melted cheese on top of the beef patty. But who’s complaining when you have a massive, deliciously juicy burger to sink your teeth into? Not me. I’m already planning my return visit.

Ribs and Burgers
Shop 3, 19-25 Grosvenor St
Neutral Bay NSW 2089
Ph: +61 2 9904 5774
Open 7 days from 11am

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