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All you can eat tapas!

A post on OzBargain advertising all you can eat tapas for $29 leads a group of us to hightail it down to Spanish Terrazas on a cold and wet Tuesday night.

Inside Spanish Terrazas

We’ve made a booking but it’s not entirely necessary because the restaurant is large and spacious with plenty of seats on the night. We also spot a couple of other large groups feasting on tapas which gets us rather excited.

Garlic mushrooms and Char-grilled capsicum

The list of tapas is 21 items long which leaves us spoiled for choice. To minimise food wastage, there is a limit of 3 tapas per person per order, and you can order more after these are finished. Sounds good to us, since there are 6 of us dining so technically we can order 18 items off the menu.

Chicken chorizo and BBQ chorizo

When it comes time to order, we are limited to only ordering half the originally intended 18 items for fear of food wastage. This is a little disappointing to us but we understand about the food wastage (there’s starving children in Africa!) so on the promise that the second lot of food will come out after we are done, we concede.

Chicken drumettes

The food comes out relatively quickly and we dig in with gusto. The garlic mushrooms are a favourite of mine and are deliciously garlicky with a touch of chilli as well. You can’t go to a Spanish restaurant without trying the chorizo either and there are two types on offer. The chicken “chorizo” is really more of a chicken sausage and has a mild flavour, while the BBQ chorizo packs more of a punch.

Fried calamari and Salt & pepper whitebait

Cod fish croquettes

There are also some less traditional items including the chicken drumettes which look great but taste a little bland, and seafood items like the fried calamari, salt and pepper whitebait and cod fish croquettes.

Spicy potatoes and Garlic potatoes

The next lot of food takes a long time to come out and we’re left sitting, waiting and digesting which is something you never want when you’re trying to eat as much as you can! We chase our order up with the waitress who says she has forgotten to put it in, so we wait a little longer.

Spanish omelette and Spanish meatballs

Luckily we’re not quite full yet so we seize the opportunity to try the other half of the menu, which turns out to be the tastier side. The spanish omelette is cut into friendly chunks and is a hit with the table, while the meatballs look good but are lacking the richness and flavour in the sauce.

Spanish potato salad and Crumbed eggplant

Our idea was to try every item and then re-order the ones that we liked, but realise that we’re quickly losing stomach capacity and the need to finish the dishes before ordering more is weighing down on us. We pick at the strange Spanish potato salad which looks like a mish mash of potato and carrot bits, peas and tuna. The crumbed eggplant is fried to a crisp and oh-so-good with the soft innards, and is polished off quickly.

Garlic prawns

We are unanimous in our favourite dish of the night – the garlic prawns. Hot and almost still bubbling from the kitchen, the prawns are cooked in a terracotta dish with plenty of olive oil, garlic and parsley. In the end, we stick to ordering several serves of garlic prawns at a time, trying not to burn out mouths while eating them and mopping up the sauce with the bread provided. Absolutely delicious.

Spanish Terrazas

The all you can eat tapas is $29pp and is available on Mondays and Tuesdays. I believe it is on until the end of this month but best check with the restaurant before showing up!

Spanish Terrazas
541 Kent St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9283 3046
Lunch: Monday to Friday, noon to 3pm
Dinner: Monday to Saturday, 5.30pm to 10.30pm (open til 11.30pm on Fridays and Saturdays)

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