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PIE PIE PIE! Pies are one of my favourite foods in the whole world! There’s something about the buttery pastry – be it short or flaky – encasing a sweet or savoury filling that is so comforting and homely. And where better to satisfy my pie craving than The Pie Tin in Newtown, where there are a crazy number of different pies to choose from.

Pie and 2 sides/salads - $10

I had planned on getting the slow roasted shredded pork with apple & bbq sauce pie but unfortunately there were none left when we arrived. So I settled for the lamb and rosemary pie with kumera mash and boston baked beans with speck/bacon. The pie was amazing with flaky pastry and a rich filling with tender chunks of lamb and the occasional rosemary sprig. Kumera (sweet potato) mash was a nice sweet accompaniment and infinitely better with the addition of gravy. The boston baked beans were so so good with a lovely smoky flavour from the speck and I reckon I could eat a whole bowl of it by myself!

Pie - $5.80

Sir D opts for the pie by itself, and chooses the beef & dark ale with mashed potato top. This reminds me of the pies I used to eat as a child – I remember when going to a bakery I would always choose the potato pie for the soft but slightly crisp on the top layer of mashed potato covering the beef innards. There’s no mince in this pie though. Instead there are cubes of beef covered in a dark gravy making for a hearty filling to go with the pastry.

Sweet pies and tarts

All this time I’ve been eyeing off the dessert pies in the chilled glass cabinet. There are all sorts of sweet pies in there including fruit pies, chocolate pies and cream pies, which makes it all the more difficult to choose. We were too full to eat them right there and then so we decide to get them takeaway.

Summer strawberry pie - $6.50

So takeaway probably wasn’t the best idea since they didn’t like the car ride much and were looking a little worse for wear when we got home. So apologies for the dodgy photos of the sweet pies but I can assure you they tasted fantastic! Sir D chose the summer strawberry pie which had a tangy lime mousse filling and sliced strawberries arrange on top. The biscuit crust was also a nice crunchy texture against the smooth, creamy mousse.

Malteasers pie = $6.50

Yeah my malteasers pie REALLY didn’t like the car ride home so it’s a little sad looking :( The malteaser mousse filling was quite sweet but luckily the chocolate biscuit crust helped with that. Definitely a pie that needs to be shared unless you want to be bouncing off the walls all afternoon!

The Pie Tin

As much as I had enjoyed all the pies we ate, I was a bit dismayed to see that the stock of shredded pork pies had been replenished by the time we left. I was seriously considering getting a pork pie to takeaway but then I decided that it would be the perfect excuse for a return visit!

The Pie Tin
1a Brown St, Newtown NSW 2042
Ph: +61 2 9519 7880
Opening hours:
Monday to Wednesday, 10am-8pm
Thursday to Friday, 10am-10pm
Saturday, 9am-10pm
Sunday, 10am-6pm

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  1. I’m dying to try this place! I can see why it would be hard to choose, I want to try all of them! Aww poor sad smushed maltesers pie, it looks like it needs a hug.

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