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When the boy requested steak for his birthday, I knew that a trip to Chophouse was in order. Having heard great things about their food, I was super excited and famished by the time we arrived into the cavernous dining space, with a ceiling decorated to look like ribs. We were treated to warm slices of bread while we perused the menu and decided what to eat.

Pasture fed petit fillet, marble score 2+ - $34.90

We dove straight into the meaty mains, with all of us choosing beef but with a different way of preparation or a different cut. The petit fillet is super tender but it lacks the meaty flavour of some of the other cuts. This is helped by the side of chutney and jus though, and is still a delicious serving of steak, perfect for someone like me who can’t eat that much.

Dry aged Delmonico, marble score 2+ - $48.00

The Delmonico steak is a striploin on the bone and is also served with jus and chutney. It’s a sizeable steak, weighing in at 400g and the piece that I tried was a touch chewy but flavoursome.

F1 Wagyu striploin, marble score 4+ - $49.90

I have immediate food envy when I try Sir D’s steak. It looks a little dry on the plate but looks can be deceiving. One bite into the steak and I claim it to be the juiciest steak I’ve ever had. It’s seasoned well and I love the accompanying harissa sauce as well, which gives it a little bit of heat.

Glazed beef short rib, house made BBQ sauce - $27.50

But then it’s Sir D’s turn to have food envy when my glazed beef short rib arrives. It’s swimming in a dark red BBQ sauce which is sticky and sweet and coats all the meat like honey. The meat has already been removed from the bone so it’s just a matter of using a fork (no knife required here!) to pick off bite-sized chunks of meat to be devoured.

Sides: Wedge salad, and steamed broccoli and broccolini - both $8

To balance out our protein-heavy meal, we order some sides including the steamed broccoli and broccolini, which is served with herbed butter and toasted slivered almonds, and the wedge salad. The wedge salad is a mix of iceberg lettuce, roasted tomatoes, a slow cooked egg and nubbins of speak scattered throughout, coated with a creamy house dressing.

Cauliflower gratin - $8

I only have eyes for the cauliflower gratin. It is every bit as good as I’d heard it was, with a crunchy breadcrumb topping and each piece of soft cauliflower coated in a cheesy, creamy sauce. Even Sir D, who doesn’t like cauliflower, goes for seconds of this!

Malted farro cheesecake - $9.90

We manage to find room for dessert somehow amongst all the meat and the sides. The malted farro cheesecake piques my interest and its served with a white chocolate cream and cocoa crumbs. The cheesecake isn’t too sweet and I like the slight bitterness of the cocoa crumb which offsets the sweetness of the white chocolate. I don’t detect much of the malted farro flavour though, it just tastes like a normal cheesecake to me.

Chophouse ice cream sandwich - $10

Sir D selects the Chophouse ice cream sandwich – a wise choice because it is amazing! Two chocolate cookies sandwich together a rectangle of banana ice cream, and shards of toffee and peanut brittle are scattered around the sandwich. A mini cleaver is brought to cut it into pieces to share, and I just want to steal the cleaver and take it home with me – it’s too cute! The birthday boy seems happy after a delicious steak, stealing some of my glazed short rib and having an ice cream sandwich. Hope you had a great birthday Sir D!

25 Bligh St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 1300 246 748
Open Monday to Friday from 12pm, Saturday from 6pm

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