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New Lindt Excellence chocolate flavours amongst some of my "light bedtime reading" of psychology journal articles

Hello! Yes I’m still alive and well but been super busy with work and uni lately. Luckily I was sent some snacks from Lindt Australia to power me through! Those of you who follow me on twitter and instagram (jacq_in_a_box) know that I’ve still been getting out and about as usual but I just haven’t found time to blog until now. Regular broadcasting will resume shortly but here’s a quick post about some of the things I’ve been cooking and eating recently.

Ox tongue udon from Ju-Rin, Crows Nest - $9.50 (lunch)
Tonkotsu ramen from Ramen Genki, Artarmon - $12

The cold and rainy Sydney weather that we’ve been experiencing just makes me want to sit down with a bowl of piping hot noodles to warm my soul. Two of my favourites are the ox tongue udon from Ju-Rin, Crows Nest; and the tonkotsu ramen from Ramen Genki, Artarmon. The ox tongue udon has changed recently, becoming cheaper and with different toppings on the noodles. The ox tongue is just as tender and juicy, and the broth is still just as delicious.

Deep fried desserts from The Dip - (clockwise from left) deep fried cupcake on a stick, deep fried coke sundae, and deep fried banana split

Thanks to Chocolatesuze I’ve been to The Dip countless times in the past month or so for hotdogs, cheeseburgers, pulled pork nachos and deep fried desserts. Yes, you heard right – think deep fried cupcakes, deep fried coke sundaes and deep fried banana splits.

Tim Tam terrine with lime and pineapple milkshake ice cream

Levins from The Dip was also kind enough to let us sample his Tim Tam terrine which is freaking amazing. Different tim tam flavours layered like bricks and stuck together with chocolate and marshmallow, and served with some lime and pineapple milkshake flavoured ice cream!

Home made pulled pork nachos

All those trips to The Dip just made me want to eat even more nachos so Sir D and I went and made some pulled pork nachos ourselves for dinner one night.

Home made lasagne

And I thought that the cold and dreary weather was perfect for some home made lasagne, which I made using Neil Perry’s “Best Ever Lasagne” recipe (which can be found here) including some modifications like extra cheese and extra bechamel sauce. Because you can never have too much of either of those things heh.

Mr Potato Head gelato from Gelato Messina

Even though it’s winter, it’s never too cold for some gelato and a recent trip to Gelato Messina’s new store at The Star saw me snag a scoop of their Mr Potato Head gelato. What’s in it you ask? Oh, only peanut butter gelato and white chocolate covered potato chips! It sounds weird but it was awesome in the way that only salty sweet desserts can be.

Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom gelato cake from Gelato Messina - $65

We also celebrated Captain Awesome’s birthday with a suitably awesome birthday cake from Gelato Messina, available from The Creative Department, which is the shop right next to the regular ice cream parlour in Darlinghurst. Called Dr Evil’s Magic Mushroom, it contains chocolate fondant gelato, peanut cookies and dulce de leche. The green stuff is chocolate covered popping candy with biscuits, and the shell is made from white chocolate as well. It’s a work of art and a truly delicious one at that!

Wattle maccacino from Cafe Ish - $4.10
Ai's freaking awesome fried chicken with rice and miso from Cafe Ish - $14.50

This long weekend saw me venture out to Surry Hills for brunch on Saturday, which happened to be a beautiful sunny day. We dropped by Cafe Ish for some wattle maccacinos and some of Ai’s freaking awesome fried chicken, before getting some sweet afternoon treats from Cafe Cre Asion.

Macaron display at Cafe Cre Asion
Box of 8 macarons from Cafe Cre Asion - $21

Look at the pretty colours! I got a box of 8 to take home to the boy and we have (top row, from left): Caramel, Cassis, Strawberry Milk, Oreo and Coffee; (bottom row, from left): Yuzu, Green tea with red bean, Raspberry and Lychee, Dear Chris. Hope everyone had a great long weekend despite the weather and stay tuned for another regular post later this week!

316 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Ph: +61 2 9966 5811

Ramen Genki
6 Wilkes Avenue
Artarmon NSW 2064
Ph: +61 2 9410 3777

The Dip @ GoodGod
55 Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9283 8792

Gelato Messina @ The Star
Cafe Court, Level G,
80 Pyrmont Street
Pyrmont NSW 2009
Ph: +61 2 8354 1223
Also at 241-243 Victoria St, Darlinghurst

Cafe Ish
82 Campbell St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Ph: +61 2 9281 1688

Cafe Cre Asion
21 Alberta St
Sydney NSW 2000
Email: yu@creasionmacaron.com

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  1. YUMMMM!! :) omg most of these places are on my must-eat list. And mann, deep fried awesomeness from the Dip, I must try :) !! Thanks for this sweet (and savoury ;P) update!

  2. omg. i must go back to the dip now! the deep fried coke sundae & banana split sound yummy! and youre so lucky to be able to sample the timtam terrine which looks delicious!

  3. My gosh, your lasagne looks AMAZING!!
    I am too a very big fun of bechamel whenever I make lasagne or pastitsio (Greek Lasagne) I eat have the pot before I put it in the tray!!

    I love your blog entries!!

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