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Move over Gumshara, there’s a new ramen place in town! Ramen Zundo is located in the World Square shopping precinct – not in the underground shopping area where Coles is but on the ground floor level in one of the corridors that connects to Liverpool Street.

Menu (click to enlarge)

The menu is relatively short and sweet, with a few different broths and flavours for ramen, as well as Japanese curry and sides. Order and pay at the counter, before taking a number and a seat. It’s not too long before a steaming hot bowl of ramen is placed in front of you.

Zundo black – $11.80
I love garlic so I’m tempted to order the Zundo black ramen which is a tonkotsu broth with baked garlic oil. You can smell the garlic as soon as it hits the table and it’s a delicious bowl of ramen full of flavour. The toppings are more or less standard, with the usual bean sprouts, sheets of nori, sliced roast pork and toasted sesame seeds. We dig a little deeper and find some cabbage as well, but I don’t mind the extra vegetable intake.

Boiled egg – $2

An extra $2 will also get you 2 halves of a boiled egg. It comes out on a separate plate with a gooey yolk but it doesn’t have same salty, soy flavour as other ramen places. Next time, I think I’ll give the egg a miss.

Mount Chashu with Double Soup – $14.80

Sir D goes all out and orders the Mount Chashu. There is so much pork on this thing that you can’t see anything else! But it’s all about the pork here – Ramen Zundo’s glorious pork slices are ribboned with fat and melt in the mouth. They’re served as rectangles rather than the traditional round shape which just reinforces the fact that this. is. no. ordinary. pork! The double soup is a combination of tonkotsu and clear chicken soup, making it lighter. It also comes with a boiled egg half and all the other usual (and unusual cabbage) ramen toppings.

So, the verdict? While it may not have the same thick collagen-rich broth as Gumshara, or the same chewy noodles as Ryo’s, Ramen Zundo will have me coming back for the pork – it absolutely has the best chashu, hands down!

Ramen Zundo
Shop 10.30 World Square
644 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: +61 2 9264 6113
Open 7 days, 11am-11pm

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12 thoughts on “Ramen Zundo, Sydney”

  1. OMG this looks really good! Must put on the list when we want ramen in the city. The bf doesn’t like Gumshara just because he hates food halls lol.. so this is gonna be the next option!

  2. Tried it with some friends but we found it very disappointing. Place was pretty clean but service slow despite having only 3 tables including us to serve yet it took 25 minutes to come and the food was a non-event. Their broth was pretty bland and ramen noodles rubbery. The chashu was decent. I’m sticking with my 2 favorite ramen places On Ramen behind Capitol Square on the tramway line and Gumshara in the Eating World Food court.

    1. Hi Michelle – Sorry to hear that it wasn’t to your taste. I’ve been back a couple of times now and have never had any issues with wait times (the food always comes out super fast) or the taste of the noodles, but each to their own :) I’ve never tried On Ramen before though I’ve been past it a couple of times, so will have to give that a go some day.

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