Honeymoon Dessert, Hong Kong

I don’t generally like Asian desserts – the beans and the soupy things don’t do it for me. But, I do have a soft spot for glutinous rice and mochi desserts so everytime I’m in Hong Kong, I head to Honeymoon Dessert for a sugar hit.

We arrive around 11pm on a Friday night and it is packed… so packed that there are people spilling out of the shopfront waiting for a table. The branch that we go to has limited seating (as with most of the other ones that I’ve been to) but the turnover is fast so it’s not too long before we have a table.

Papaya and white fungus soup

Mango glutinous dumplings
I don’t try any of the soup desserts, but I happily dig into some mango glutinous dumplings, which are a bit like Japanese mochi. A cube of fresh mango is encased by a glutinous rice dumpling skin, and coated with dessicated coconut on the outside to prevent it from being sticky. The glutinous rice is sticky and chewy and doesn’t taste like much, but the filling of mango is a burst of sweetness the flavours the whole dessert.

Walnut and black sesame soup
Almond tea with egg white
Glutinous rice balls with palm sugar syrup and crushed peanuts

My favourite is the glutinous rice balls with palm sugar syrup and crushed peanuts. Even though the desserts change and there are new desserts with each season, I tend to get this dessert every time I come. It is a simple dish with plain glutinous rice balls with no filling, but they are served with palm sugar syrup and crushed peanuts on top. You’re given a few toothpicks which you use to spear the rice balls, then you coat them in sugar syrup and peanuts. It’s chewy, sweet and crunchy all at the same time, and it’s what makes me keep coming back time after time!

Honeymoon Dessert
Shop 604, iSQUARE
63 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Ph: +852 2520-5071
Other locations in Hong Kong: Harbour City, APM, Langham Place, Sheung Wan, Wan Chai, Hysan, North Point, Tsuen Wan, Citywalk, Shatin, Sai Kung, Ngong Ping.

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