Dulce Luna Viennoiserie, Sydney

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Pastries. Delicious, buttery pastries. I have this dream of going to Paris and eating a freshly baked pastry from a different patisserie every day. I don’t think my waistline and arteries would approve, but I’m sure my tastebuds would! Until I can make it to France, I’ll have to seek out pastries and croissants in Sydney.

Dulce Luna, a hole-in-the-wall store on York St definitely fits the bill, dishing out thousands of gorgeous, glistening pastries every day – just like the ones above. I attended the launch of Dulce Luna, where we were able to find out more about the pastries on offer, and do a bit of taste test as well.

So what is a Dulce Luna? Gus Mendez, founder of Dulce Luna, explains that they are a product influenced by many different parts of the world, including the French croissant, the Italian cornetti and the Argentinean media luna (half moon) from where the product gets its name.

Clockwise from top left: creme patisserie – $3; raspberry – $3; ham, cheese and bechamel – $3.50; dulce de leche – $3
The pastries are bite-sized, and come in both sweet and savoury flavours. The pastry is soft rather than flaky, with more of a sweet flavour than an intense buttery-ness. Out of the ones that I tried, the dulce de leche and raspberry ones were my favourites. I was also told that the pistachio and almonds flavours were amazing as well.

We also watched Herve Boutin, a Meilleurs Ouvriers de France Master Patissier, give a short demonstration on making the dulce lunas. The laminated dough was rolled out and cut into triangles. Each one was then rolled by hand and shaped into a crescent shape before being placed on a tray to prove again.

Aren’t the little pre-baked crescents oh-so-cute? The dough is made in-house and they are baked fresh everyday to make sure that customers get the freshest products they can. And there’s nothing more enticing than the smell of freshly baked pastries in the morning!

Check out their store on the corner of King St and York St, or order your sweet or savoury pastries online from their website. There, you will also find out more information about the pastries, the coffee, and the story of Dulce Luna. Dulce Luna is also offering special discounted prices on their mixed boxes until 31st March 2013 for all their Facebook fans and Twitter followers ($12.50 for mixed half dozen, normally $15; and $24 for a mixed dozen, normally $29). So head on over to their pages now to grab a discounted box of delicious pastries!

Dulce Luna Viennoiserie
66 King Street (enter on York street)
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: 1300 133 670
Open Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 4pm; Saturday, 8.30am to 2pm

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7 thoughts on “Dulce Luna Viennoiserie, Sydney”

  1. Such good value for a patisserie in town! I may just have to go wondering one lunch time. And you will love France and their pastries. They are everywhere and they’re all so good. I miss having a pastry for every meal..

  2. France? The writer should realise that this patisserie is based in Argentinean cknfiterias more than anything else. A like a piece of Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario or Mendoza in Sydney more like it!

    1. Hi Karlitos – The owners of Dulce Luna actually cite that their products are influenced by many different parts of the world, including the French croissant, the Italian cornetti and the Argentinean media luna. I only mentioned France in the introduction as it is somewhere that is famous for its pastries, and also somewhere that I would really like to visit someday :)

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