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I was sad to hear that Ton Ton in Regent Place was closing since I had eaten lots of tasty karaage there. However, I was also pleased to hear that it would be replaced by another ramen place from the same people who run Menya Mappen and Oiden. For those of your unfamiliar with these places, they are cheap and cheerful self-service udon and rice bowl eateries respectively, where you choose a main dish and supplement it with all sorts of add-ons, including salads, drinks, side dishes and deep fried goodies.

Clockwise from top: Tenkomori menu; The production line; Karaage – one of the many toppings available

Tenkomori Ramen House is no different. You can choose from a range of ramen dishes with a shoyu, miso, or tonkotsu soup base, such as corn butter ramen, pork kakuni ramen, or karaage ramen – to name a few. Place your order and then move along the production line to select toppings ranging from a tub of sweetcorn (80c) to pieces of karaage ($2.20). The cashier will add up all your items at the end and you pay while you wait for your bowl of ramen to be made up.

Pork katsu ramen with shoyu base – $6.50 (regular size)

Sir D selects the pork katsu ramen with a shoyu (soy) soup base, with additional corn. Even though the pork katsu is sitting in the soup, it still retains some of the crispiness if you eat it quickly! The pork loin is quite thin which makes it tender and easy to eat. The noodles are quite springy and I notice that they cook them to order, so they retain a nice bite throughout.

Nitamago ramen with tonkotsu base – $6.90 (regular size)

I order the nitamago ramen with a tonkotsu (pork bone) soup base. This ramen bowl is served with two seasoned boiled eggs which have gooey yolks – just the way I like it. It also comes with a small piece of fish cake and pickled mustard. The pickled mustard is very strong and I end up taking most of it out. The tonkotsu soup base is creamy in appearance and tastes alright, but lacks the fatty mouthfeel and meaty flavour that I have come to associate with tonkotsu. I actually preferred the shoyu soup base over the tonkotsu one.

Tenkomori seating area

All in all, it’s a great place for a quick and easy feed that won’t break the bank. I still love the novelty of being able to pick out your own toppings and it’s hard not to go a little crazy sometimes and pick one of everything!

Tenkomori Ramen House
Ground Floor, Regent Place
501 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Open 7 days, 11.30am – 10pm

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  1. Ooh yes! I had heard about Tenkomori before and had actually walked past here but I didn’t realise that place I walked past *was* Tenkomori lol. I loved Ton Ton’s as well – great cheap eat! Was also sad it shut down.. But this looks like a worthy replacement!

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