Game of Thrones Feast at Gastro Park, Kings Cross

It took one episode of Game of Thrones for me to get hooked on the show. And it seemed like I wasn’t the only one, because when FeFiFoFum asked if anyone of us wanted to join her at the Game of Thrones Feast at Gastro Park there was a resounding ‘yes!’ from the group! At $100pp for a 5 course dinner, it wasn’t the cheapest of meals. But it was clear that the staff at Gastro Park had put a lot of thought and creativity into it, with each dish being themed to Season 2 of Game of Thrones.

Dragon – Goats cheese and gruyere fritters

The first was simply named “Dragon” and was meant to resemble dragon claws. These jet black fritters were not the prettiest of things, and without the menu in front of us I was expecting to bite into black pudding. I was surprised to find that the fritters were filled with cheese and were absolutely delicious! They were scattered among a head of kale, which had been deep fried and dotted with a creamy sauce. Breaking off the crispy leaves from the stem made for a fun, hands-on dish to get everyone started.

Bones – Roast veal bone marrow, air baguette

Bones was a dish made up of roasted bone marrow pieces, complete with mini pitchforks to get out the fatty marrow. We were instructed to eat the bone marrow with the air baguette, which contained a green salad to cut through the fat of the bone marrow. Again this was a fun dish that involved digging out the marrow from the bone and buttering our baguettes with it. I thought the marrow could have been roasted for a little longer though for more flavour.

Beach Fire – Crispy scaled jewfish in a beach fire, wild weeds, fresh goats milk curd

The Beach Fire dish was one of my favourites, featuring Gastro Park’s signature crispy scaled fish. The pieces of fish were placed in an elaborate display of smoked wood and fire with one piece per person. I was amazed at how crispy the skin and scales were, and how perfectly the fish was cooked.

Beach Fire – Crispy scaled jewfish in a beach fire, wild weeds, fresh goats milk curd

The fish course was served with several accompaniments – the “wild weeds” which was a green salad, and a fresh goats milk curd which was scooped onto each person’s plate. There were also some crushed almonds in a burnt butter sauce, and puffed barley for a crunchy texture.

The Royal Fondue – cheese fondue, roast grapes and bread wafers

I never say no to cheese, especially if it’s gooey and melted. This ‘fondue’ was half a wheel of Vacherin that had been grilled until melted. We were given wafer-thin crackers to dunk into the stretchy cheese which was delicious. The roast grapes on the side were a sweet and juicy contrast. Our table got every last bit of cheese from the wheels – it was that good!

News from the Raven by Candlelight – Mulled figs and plums

The mulled figs and plums was one half of the final dessert course, and was served with a quenelle of hibiscus ice cream. The figs were turned inside out to resemble flesh, and a mulled plum wine was poured over the dessert at the table.

News from the Raven by Candlelight – Edible candle

The edible candle was by far the most exciting dish of the night – with the white chocolate candle actually containing a wick that we could burn! We cracked open the chocolate to find a purple berry-flavoured mousse with a creamy white chocolate liquid centre and a biscuit base. We stab away at the candle with our spoons and knives, prying the white chocolate and biscuit pieces away to be eaten.

It was a fun and interactive meal that we had at Gastro Park, with all of the dishes matching the Game of Thrones theme in such a creative way. And if the food doesn’t get you in the Game of Thrones zone, then the theme song on loop in the background certainly will! (I had that stuck in my head for the rest of the night =P)

The Game of Thrones Feast at Gastro Park is available 6pm-10pm, Tuesdays to Fridays from March 14th to April 27th. Minimum 4 persons per booking.

Gastro Park
5-9 Roslyn Street
Kings Cross 2011 NSW
Ph: +61 2 8068 1017
Lunch: Thursday to Saturday, from noon
Dinner: Tuesday to Saturday, from 6pm

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9 thoughts on “Game of Thrones Feast at Gastro Park, Kings Cross”

  1. Season 3 is starting but I am till on season 2!!I haven’t had time to catch up nooo. The food looks spectacular – especially that cheese fondue which believe it or not, I have not tried before :( Loving the look of that candle dessert!

  2. I held out reading blog reviews about this event because I wanted an element of surprise for the night. Sadly, I found my experience somewhat disappointing, I wasn’t the only one though, the rest of the guys I went with felt the same.. The experience wasn’t Game of Thrones enough.. I think last year’s event looked/sounded more involving/theatrical… We went in mid-April so there was some slight variations to the dishes we had, but the food was ok nonetheless.

    1. Hi Phuoc – Yeah interesting you say that, because I had a friend who also said that last year’s one looked/sounded better too. I think some of the dishes you had to use your imagination to see how it was GoT themed but I still enjoyed the food :)

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