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While new Mexican restaurants are opening left, right and centre, Dos Senoritas has been around for years serving up authentic Mexican food to Gladesville locals. I’d heard great things about it and had been planning on going, but then I saw that they had recently opened up a restaurant in Crows Nest and I really had no excuse not to go.

Complimentary corn chips and salsa

A bunch of us descended on the restaurant a few weeks after they first opened to try the food. We were greeted with a complimentary basket of corn chips and spicy tomato salsa which they liberally replenished as the night went on. They are seriously addictive, but try not to eat too many because you’ll regret it once the rest of the food comes out…

Choice of three tacos with rice and beans – $25
We ordered a serve of three tacos which comes with your choice of marinated steak, charbroiled chicken, seasoned ground beef, battered fish and baja shrimp as well as rice and beans. These tacos can be gringo style (flour tortilla), street style (corn tortilla) or tex mex (crispy taco shell). We ended up getting two gringo style and one street style, with battered fish, marinated steak and baja shrimp. There were so many different taco combinations so when the food came out, a few of the taco orders were incorrect, but the crew at Dos Senoritas were super apologetic and made up the correct dishes for us in the end.

Rocky Pointe Nachos – $15

We shared some nachos which offer the option of having a topping of steak, chicken, pork or ground beef. We opted for pork nachos which included jack and cheddar cheese, spicy cheese sauce, black beans, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo. These were delicious with the contrast between the crunchy tortilla chips and tender pork, and although it is listed as an entree on the menu, it’s definitely enough as a main for one person.

Fajita combos – $29

For those who like to DIY their meals, the fajita combo is good option. It comes with a large plate of your choice of steak and chicken or pork and shrimp, along with grilled vegetables, pinto beans, Mexican rice, sour cream and guacamole. A plate of warm tortillas is also provided and it’s up to you as to how much and what filling as you want in the tortillas.

Supercheesygooeychimichanga – $25

But this is what we’re really here for – the supercheesygooeychimichanga. It’s a mouthful to say and it’s also a big mouthful to eat because it’s basically one giant deep fried burrito stuffed with pork and melted cheese! It’s topped with even more cheese and thankfully some vegetables as well otherwise you may just enter into a food coma on the first bite. It’s delicious but also incredibly rich and cheesy so we struggle to finish it – but make sure you eat the ends because they’re the cheesiest parts!

Flan – $6

Even though we’re stuffed, we’re given some complimentary desserts to compensate for the earlier order mix-up. The flan is smooth and creamy but could be a little softer and I think it doesn’t actually need the chocolate ganache on top.

Churros – $6

The churros on the other hand are absolutely amazing. The freshly deep fried dough sticks are dusted liberally with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce, and they’re polished off easily – they’re that good.

Although there’s a few teething problems with orders, the service is very accommodating and friendly and the food at Dos Senoritas is excellent. I can’t say how authentic it is as I’ve never been to Mexico, but I can vouch for its deliciousness. The servings are massive, so one main per person ends up being way too much food. Next time (and we’re already planning a next time) we will be sharing the dishes and making sure we leave enough room for more churros!

Dos Senoritas
19 Falcon St
Crows Nest NSW 2065
Ph: +61 2 9439 3332
Open 10am-3.30pm, 5pm-10pm, Tuesday to Sunday

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    1. Hi Rhonda – Guzman is pretty good :) I think this Mexican place is a bit different, probably not as healthy but for me it’s pretty damn tasty!

  1. I STILL have not been to the one in Gladesville – I should go as I’ve heard such great things and your tacos look good…I want. Crows Nest has so many great places to eat – lucky you.

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