Fouratefive, Surry Hills

Latte – $4

On one sunny morning, a group of us decide to meet in Surry Hills for a lazy weekend brunch. A rookie mistake, because by 11am, it seems as though half of Sydney has had the same idea, and there is a steady queue of people on Crown St waiting for a table. We wait outside FourAteFive for an hour until we’re finally seated and by that time, a coffee is definitely in order.

Homemade creamed corn – $17

We’re able to order from either the breakfast or lunch menus. I’ve only ever had creamed corn out of a can, so the homemade creamed corn intrigues me. It’s not as sweet as its canned counterpart, but it’s definitely more creamy. It’s delicious on the organic sourdough toast with the gooey yolk of two poached eggs, and a side of crispy bacon.

Croissant eggs benedict – $18
The breakfast special for today is a eggs benedict with your choice of ham or smoked salmon. It’s no ordinary eggs benedict though because it’s served on a flaky buttery croissant rather than a typical english muffin. It’s a super rich dish and most people who order it struggle to finish it. A few bites of a friend’s serving tell me that it’s a delicious combination though, but maybe one that is best shared (maybe with a side salad too? lol).

Ricotta cheese, semi-dried tomatoes, avocado, pickled beetroot & rocket
served on soy & linseed w/ balsamic reduction – $12

Sandwiches are the main feature of the lunch menu, including this healthy sundried tomato, avocado, rocket, beetroot and ricotta sandwich with balsamic reduction on soy and linseed.

Pulled pork on grilled sourdough w/ fresh cucumber, aioli, apple & tomato
chutney & rocket – $13

For meat-eating humans, try the tender pulled pork with tomato chutney, apple, aioli, cucumber and tons of rocket.

Kumera chips with homemade aioli – $6

We also couldn’t resist sharing a bowl of kumera chips. These turned out to be crisps rather than the hot chips I was imagining, but they were still crispy and delicious dipped in the homemade aioli.

Was it worth the wait? The food was delicious and we managed to sit, chat and eat for a good hour or so, but I’m not sure I would want to wait an hour for food there. Best solution is to come very early, or later in the day to avoid the crowds and get your food at the same time!

485 Crown St
Surry Hills NSW 2010
Ph: +61 2 9698 6485
Open 7 days from 7am

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10 thoughts on “Fouratefive, Surry Hills”

  1. Enjoyed my breakfast here! The portions are very generous. I was lucky too as the day I went it was absolutely pouring, therefore no lines! I’d like to try that croissant eggs benedict!

  2. Yum kumera chips! I bought sweet potatoes the other day just to make some sweet potato deliciousness! [also I think you need to edit the caption on this pic?] Smoked salmon eggs benedict on a croissant sounds mega rich. Now I’m intrigued to make my own creamed corn too!

    1. Hi Helen – Ooh thanks for picking up on that caption error! Never even considered making my own creamed corn but now you’ve got me thinking…!

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