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Looks like an old-skool Coca Cola vending machine right? But looks can be deceiving – this is actually the door to The Soda Factory, a bar in Surry Hills which serves an array of cocktails, floats and hot dogs. Pull on the Coca Cola bottle on the right hand side and you’ll be able to enter the dimly lit bar which is pretty packed on a Tuesday night.

The reason for it being packed is most likely because it’s Dollar Dogs day! Every Tuesday, the Soda Factory puts on 4 different hot dogs from their menu for you to purchase for a gold coin. The other hot dogs and menu items are also available to order, but we dive straight into the dollar dogs by ordering one of each.

The Mob Dog

The Mob Dog is probably most classic of the four, with a pork and fennel sausage, oven roasted capsicum, and jalapenos (though the menu says ‘hot fresh chili’). The roasted capsicum gives this hot dog quite a sweet flavour, and the jalapenos some heat. I think a saucy element would not go astray on this hotdog as it’s a little dry compared to some of the others.

The Texas Redneck
The Texas Redneck has a bratwurst sausage with smoked chilli, cheese and a Texas BBQ sauce. The flavours of this one go well together and the BBQ sauce has a smoky, sweet flavour.

The Buffalo Bill Chicken Dog

My favourite is the Buffalo Bill Chicken dog which channels the flavours of Buffalo wings. The chicken sausage is battered and deep fried, and then slathered in buffalo chicken sauce and cheese. It’s super saucy and can be quite messy to eat, but it’s the one hotdog that we go back to for seconds!

The Yoko Ono

There’s also a requisite vego option called the Yoko Ono, which has a vegan sausage, vegan cheese, avocado and shredded lettuce on a gluten free bun.

Mac n Cheese – $6

We want a little variety so I decide to order the Mac & Cheese. It takes quite a while to come out and is served in a little takeaway container with a few forks stabbed into it. Flavour-wise, it’s a little disappointing with more cream than actual cheese flavour and we end up leaving most of this behind.

Chili cheese fries – $7

The chili cheese fries are a winner though and we polish these off with no trouble. The fries are topped with a generous serve of chili and although the chili makes some of the fries soggy, the ones that aren’t sitting under the chili are still crispy so you get a nice variety of textures. We ordered two serves of these and they were gone like a flash!

The Soda Factory does Dollar Dogs every Tuesday night from 5pm with a rotating selection of hot dogs on the night. I would recommend getting there early to find a table and to avoid the queues snaking down the street as the night goes on!

The Soda Factory
16 Wentworth Ave
Surry Hills NSW 2010 ‎
Ph: +61 2 8096 9120
Open Monday to Saturday from 5pm

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