Good Food Month Night Noodle Markets 2013

October has come around again which means that Good Food Month is back and in full swing! I’ve visited the Night Noodle Markets in previous years but they have definitely upped the ante this year with more stalls, more seating and more colourful lanterns!

Expanded seating areas at the Night Noodle Markets; Lanterns

In terms of the food, there’s a range of dumplings, noodles, dim sims and other Asian goodies to suit everyone’s tastes, with offerings from Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.

Huge woks of fried rice and noodles at the Span Thai stall

Roti twirling action at Mamak
We arrived around 5.30pm on a Monday night to find the Markets reasonably empty, with plenty of seating and no queues. We took the opportunity to do a quick round of the stalls to see what was on offer and there were definitely some newcomers like Ippudo, Shanghai Stories 1983, Fei Jai and On Ramen in amongst the old favourites of Mamak, East Ocean, Chat Thai, Longrain, Din Tai Fung and Jackie M.

Fried radish cake from Jackie M – $15

We decided to get some fried radish cake from Jackie M while there were no queues. It was good to see that there were big woks out the back of the stall frying up noodles and radish cake to order. Our dish was piping hot when our number was called and we sat down at one of the many seating areas to devour it.

Crowds gather near a row of stalls at the Night Noodle Markets

As the night went on, there were definitely more people flooding into the markets and we started to see some queues at the stalls. The dim sim stalls with har gau and char siu bao definitely proved popular, as well as some lurid orange squiggles of deep fried squid.

The much-hyped ramen burger at On Ramen

I couldn’t help but get sucked into the hype of the ramen burger at the On Ramen stall. I was not prepared to queue for it but when we arrived there was absolutely no one in line, so I bit the bullet and bought one. There are actually 3 different fillings for the ramen burger – beef, tofu and pork rib. The pork rib is only available on Mondays and Saturdays.

Pork rib ramen burger – $12.50

It was definitely an interesting concept – the noodles are shaped into a ‘burger bun’ and then crisped up on either side, so there are some crunchy bits on the outside and chewy bits in the middle. I don’t think Sir D was a fan but I did like the fact that the noodles were flavoured so it wasn’t at all bland. There were quite a few of these pre-made already so some of the crispiness may have been lost while they were sitting around. The pork rib itself was delicious though it was quite a small piece inside the burger. We were also lucky to try a sample of the beef ramen burger that they were giving out earlier on in the evening and I thought the pork rib version was much tastier.

Skewers and fried meats at Chat Thai

This is the final week of the Night Noodle Markets so be sure to get in quick while they’re still around! They are on this Monday 21st to Saturday 26th October in Hyde Park North. Opening times are Mon-Tue 5-9pm; Wed 5-10pm; Thur-Fri 5-11pm; Sat 4-10pm.

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  1. I work right where the noodle markets are and only have managed to try a banh mi from porklol – it’s pretty amazing. The ramen burger is definitely the talk of the down and seems there’s mixed reviews.

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