Suminoya, Sydney

Are you a KBBQ or JBBQ person? I do love my banchan side dishes at Korean barbecue but Japanese barbecue (yakiniku), with their premium cuts of meat and dipping sauces, is where my heart lies. We recently returned to Suminoya, a Japanese yakiniku buffet in the city, and was surprised to find it kitted out with shiny new ventilators, leaving the place entirely smoke free! There’s a tiered menu with different price points offering different dishes. We went all out on the Deluxe buffet which meant we could order as many servings of ox tongue, wagyu beef rib and sushi as we wanted within 60 mins, with a further 30 mins allowed for eating. The standouts for me were definitely the wagyu cuts, with other dishes such as the sashimi, sushi and salads acting as foils for the inevitable meat coma. Don’t forget to save room for dessert with both the black sesame and green tea ice creams being a nice way to end the meal.

TL;DR: All you can eat Japanese BBQ, without the smoke!
Favourite dish: Wagyu beef rib
Would I return?: If I’m hungry

Penguin says Feed Me dined at Suminoya courtesy of Washoku Lovers

1 Hosking Place
Sydney NSW 2000 Australia
Ph: +61 2 9231 2177
Lunch: Monday to Friday, 12pm to 2.30pm
Dinner: 7 days, 5.30pm to 10pm

Shiny new ventilators = no smoke!
Gourmet buffet – $50
Premium buffet ($60) and Deluxe buffet ($65 Mon – Thu; $70 Fri – Sun and Public Holidays)
Touchscreen ordering system
Ox tongue on the grill
Curry rice – apparently a typical dish eaten at yakiniku
Garlic prawns, garlic with butter and corn in butter
Duck breast
Mixed sashimi
Aburi scallop and aburi wagyu sushi
Wagyu beef rib and wagyu beef rib finger
Roast beef salad
Grape slushy
Black sesame and green tea ice cream

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