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Penguin is Jacq, a born and bred Sydney girl who loves all things food and is always thinking about the next meal. After a long-term love affair with other Sydney food blogs, I decided to start my own food blog to keep a record of the all the amazing food adventures that I experience in Sydney and (hopefully one day) around the world.

I love to eat out with my other food-obsessed friends and take photos of the food, all the while getting impatient looks from friends and strange looks from strangers! I also enjoy spending time in the kitchen baking or cooking up a storm – and making a giant mess in the process.

Although I will eat just about anything edible that’s put in front of me, I have a particular weakness for French and Japanese food. I love sashimi, scallops, noodles, macarons and gelato, but am still trying to get a taste for coriander, kaffir lime, olives and liquorice. It may sound strange but I keep continuing to try these foods in the hope that one day my tastebuds will magically acquire a taste for them!

I hope that Penguin says Feed Me will be my personal food diary that other people can read and enjoy. I would love to hear any comments or feedback about the blog and I’m always open to any recommendations for places to eat!

You can contact me at: jacq [at] penguinsaysfeedme [dot] com

8 thoughts on “About Penguin”

  1. I continue to force myself to eat capers in the hope that one day I will love them. On the other hand, I think I will continue to reject baby corn for the rest of my days. There was actually a really interesting article on SMH which stated that if you eat something that you don’t like 20 times, you will program your body into thinking that it’s edible or even delicious!
    Good luck!
    (p.s. It took me 22 years to accept coriander into my life, but I could not live without it!)

  2. Hi Jacq,

    Hope you are welll.

    I was just hoping to get a copy of your media kit. Or if this is not avaliable would I please be able to get your unique browser and ad rate figures?


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