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Just Desserts, March into Merivale

Having just dessert for dinner sounds like one of the greatest things ever so I was super excited to go to “Just Desserts” – a March into Merivale event where a handful of Merivale restaurants showcase some of their finest desserts for the sweet-tooths in Sydney. Entry ($45) also includes 6 tokens, which you can redeem for desserts and/or drinks within the event.

Mini fried ice cream, butterscotch

I’d sussed out what some of the offerings were prior to the event so when we arrived, we made a beeline straight for the mini fried ice creams at the Mr Wong stand. The fried ice cream was super popular (no surprise there!) so there was a short wait while batches upon batches of ice cream were fried to order. We eventually made our way out of the throng with our prize in hand, and dug in past the crispy batter to reveal a vanilla ice cream centre. I found some parts of the fried ice cream a little too cakey from the coating, but I think I could just about drink that amazing butterscotch sauce!

Hot banana, nutella and salted caramel spring roll, freeze dried raspberry powder

Another popular item was the hot banana, nutella and salted caramel spring roll from Ms G’s. Again, this was fried to order in batches but it meant we got a freshly fried spring roll scattered with the red raspberry powder. This was a surprise favourite of mine as it wasn’t too sweet and the banana, nutella and salted caramel flavours worked really well together.

White peach, black fig, yellow box honey, orange caramel sauce
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Good Food Month Night Noodle Markets 2013

October has come around again which means that Good Food Month is back and in full swing! I’ve visited the Night Noodle Markets in previous years but they have definitely upped the ante this year with more stalls, more seating and more colourful lanterns!

Expanded seating areas at the Night Noodle Markets; Lanterns

In terms of the food, there’s a range of dumplings, noodles, dim sims and other Asian goodies to suit everyone’s tastes, with offerings from Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese restaurants.

Huge woks of fried rice and noodles at the Span Thai stall

Roti twirling action at Mamak
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Game of Thrones Feast at Gastro Park, Kings Cross

It took one episode of Game of Thrones for me to get hooked on the show. And it seemed like I wasn’t the only one, because when FeFiFoFum asked if anyone of us wanted to join her at the Game of Thrones Feast at Gastro Park there was a resounding ‘yes!’ from the group! At $100pp for a 5 course dinner, it wasn’t the cheapest of meals. But it was clear that the staff at Gastro Park had put a lot of thought and creativity into it, with each dish being themed to Season 2 of Game of Thrones.

Dragon – Goats cheese and gruyere fritters

The first was simply named “Dragon” and was meant to resemble dragon claws. These jet black fritters were not the prettiest of things, and without the menu in front of us I was expecting to bite into black pudding. I was surprised to find that the fritters were filled with cheese and were absolutely delicious! They were scattered among a head of kale, which had been deep fried and dotted with a creamy sauce. Breaking off the crispy leaves from the stem made for a fun, hands-on dish to get everyone started.

Bones – Roast veal bone marrow, air baguette
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Peter Gilmore’s Festive Season Menu @ Quay

Christmas madness has officially begun! My Christmas tree is up, I’ve started my Christmas baking (more about that in another post) and I wish I could say that I’ve finished my Christmas shopping but I’ve only just begun that…

At least I’ve pretty much got the Christmas meal sorted since I got some great ideas from a recent masterclass I attended, where Peter Gilmore (of Quay Restaurant fame) shared his Christmas menu. We sat on the upper level of Quay, which is reserved for functions with a spectacular backdrop of Sydney Harbour and its landmarks, and also has an Electrolux kitchen installed at one end.

We sat around the kitchen and watched as Peter Gilmore cooked and plated up his three-course Christmas menu. The dishes were simple to prepare and most of the work can be done ahead of time to minimise the chances of you running around like a headless chicken after the guests have arrived!

Steamed freshwater marron with herb butter, young leaf and flower salad
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Sushi & Sashimi Masterclass @ Ocean Room, Sydney

It’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Sydney and I’m headed to Ocean Room, which is perfectly positioned to enjoy the view of sunny blue skies, the sparkling harbour and some of Sydney’s most famous landmarks.

Inside, the view is equally as stunning with Ocean Room’s dining area housing a ceiling of thousands upon thousands of bamboo cylinders, forming a chandelier of sorts above diners.

Fresh fish display, including some prized bluefin tuna (left); Executive Chef Raita Noda (right)

I’ve dined here before, but today, Ocean Room’s Executive Chef Raita Noda treats us to a sushi and sashimi masterclass to learn about their philosophy, the preparation of sushi and sashimi and where they source their seafood from.

Cooling and mixing vinegar into the rice

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