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Cumulus Inc., Melbourne

I’ve mentioned this before, but the one thing that will get me up bright and early on a weekend is the promise of a good breakfast. After a delayed 10pm flight into Melbourne and a late night out visiting different bars around the city, we still managed to get up in time for brekky at Cumulus Inc.

Organic orange juice and latte (part of the Cumulus Inc. Breakfast)

We were lucky enough to get a seat without having to wait and we desperately needed a caffeine hit so coffees were ordered. Sir D’s latte and orange juice were part of the Cumulus Inc. Breakfast.

Cappuccino - $3.50

I had my sights set on other foods so I settled for a cappuccino which strangely enough came without the cocoa powder sprinkle on top of the lovely, thick milk froth.

Smoked salmon, 65/65 egg, sorrel, apple and dill - $17
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The Hardware Société, Melbourne

Soft boiled eggs and 3 soldiers - $12

These are no ordinary eggs and soldiers. They’re from The Hardware Société in Melbourne where I went towards the end of last year, and I loved the breakfast here so much that I went twice during my one week stay in Melbourne (and I would’ve gone 3 times if I had the time!)

Cafe decor and macarons

The cafe is hidden on one of Melbourne’s laneways has a casual feel about it, with some outdoor seating, a large communal table on the inside, and giant bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. The interior is decorated in a happy sunshiney yellow which extends to the cute teacosies that warmly hug each teapot. There’s also some pastries and a wide selection of house-made macarons for sale on the counter.

Butter dish and sugar bowl (left); Latte - $3 (right)

I order a coffee to start my day and when it arrives it comes with a tiny little sugared donut which I swear is one of the best donuts I have ever tasted. The donut has a crunchy sugary exterior and soft innards and I actually enquired whether we could buy the donuts on their own but sadly this wasn’t possible. I could have eaten a whole bag of these on their own!

Hot chocolate - $4
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Bells at Killcare, Killcare

A belated happy new year to everyone out there and I hope you all had a relaxing Christmas and new year break! I wouldn’t say that my holiday season was particularly relaxing as such but thankfully Sir D and I took a little break before Christmas and we headed up to Bells at Killcare on the Central Coast.

 Killcare Beach (left); The fireplace in the cottage (right)

We stayed in one of the cottages on the Bells property which were cosy and well-stocked. There was a huge bed, a spa bath and a real fireplace! Yes I was quite excited by the fire – Sir D got it working every night and it did a good job of warming up the place which got quite chilly once the sun set. There was a breakfast hamper provided every morning which we cooked ourselves on the bbq on the deck, and the rest of the days were spent exploring the nearby beaches.

Seashell light on the table (left); Olives and parmesan crisps (right)

On the last night we headed to the restaurant to indulge in a three course dinner. The dining room is spacious and decked out in nautical blue and white tones and seashells. The waitstaff are smiling and pleasant and very attentive to our every need, and after we place our order a small plate of mixed olives and parmesan crisps arrives on our table.

Veal crudo with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and Reggiano – $24

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