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                                                  Studying China’s Political System and Foreign Relations in the heart of Beijing
                                                  Welcome to SIR
                                                  Welcome to SIR



                                                  Studying China’s Political System and Foreign Relations in the heart of Beijing with UIBE SIR


                                                  The School of International Relations (SIR) of the University of International Economics and Business (UIBE) was established with the mission of contributing through research and higher-education to the development and use of knowledge, at both national and international level. We are constantly striving to provide world-class research and learning facilities advancing the understanding of International Relations by the contribution of the Chinese perspectives.

                                                  Having been established slightly longer than a decade ago, SIR quickly raised to prominence and became one of the very best schools in terms of teaching and research capabilities within UIBE. Consisting of four departments (Political Science, International Politics, International Political Economy and Diplomacy) and six research institutes (International Energy and Environment Research Center, Center for Economic Diplomacy, International Migration and National Security Studies Center, Soft Power and National Strategy Research Center, Contemporary Political Development Research Center and Big Data Analysis and International Relations Center), SIR benefits of a state-of-the-art teaching and research curriculum.

                                                  Starting by 2019, SIR is enrolling students in all the sub-disciplines and programmes associated with Political Science.

                                                  Undergraduate students follow a unified curriculum during their first year of study, upon which they could choose majoring in either International Politics (with a specialization in Economic Diplomacy and Public Diplomacy) or Political Science and Administration (with a specialization in Comparative Politics).

                                                  SIR is entitled to award master and doctoral degrees in Political Science with seven majors including Political Science Theory, Comparative Politics, International Relations, International Politics, Diplomacy, History of the Communist Party of China (Party Building), Social Sciences and Communist Movements.

                                                  SIR provides its students with complete multi-level opportunities to suit multiple career-building paths in both Political Science and International Relations.


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                                                  Welcome to SIR