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                                  Studying China’s Political System and Foreign Relations in the heart of Beijing
                                  Dean's Message
                                  Dean's Message


                                  Use knowledge to raise the world, use wisdom to benefit mankind!

                                  Our motto showcases our beliefs: Open, democratic, enterprising, truth-seeking and pragmatic!

                                  Education guides our future! Our goal is to cultivate global talents skilled in foreign languages, with outstanding expertise in the fields of with international politics and economic affairs.

                                  On behalf of all of my colleagues, allow me to welcome you all to SIR! We look at SIR as our home, a place where glory and dreams take off!

                                  In the new era of international relations, SIR is nurturing global leaders for a glorious global future.



                                                                                            Dai Changzheng

                                  Dean of the School of International Relations

                                  Welcome to SIR