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                  Studying China’s Political System and Foreign Relations in the heart of Beijing
                  Department of International Politics
                  Assoc. Prof. Li Zhiyong


                  Prof. Li Zhiyong

                  Associate Professor


                  Prof. Li Zhiyong teaches International Relations, International Security and Public Diplomacy. He published extensively on China’s contemporary diplomacy and foreign policy and wrote a monograph on “The Chinese Strategy of Going Abroad and Its Overseas Interests Protection Mechanisms”. Prof. Li obtained his PhD from Renmin University of China and has been distinguished with a postdoctoral fellowship on behalf of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.





                  Introduction to International Relations;

                  International Security;

                  Globalization and Global Governance;

                  Public Diplomacy.


                  Education Background

                  2010: Ph.D. in Diplomacy, Renmin University of China, with a PhD thesis on The Influence of State Autonomy to Nation-State’s Foreign Policy

                  2005: M.A., in International Politics, Renmin University of China, with a Master dissertation on the Domestic Influence of International Institutions, especially the Human Rights Regimes

                  2003: B.A., in Political Science, Hubei University, with a BA thesis on the International Order after World War



                  Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, 2013-2016


                  Research Interests

                  International Norms

                  Chinese Foreign Policy

                  Global Governance

                  Public Diplomacy.


                  Major Publications

                  1. The Chinese Strategy of Going Abroad and Its Overseas Interests Protection Mechanisms, Beijing: World Affairs Press, 2015.

                  2. “Norm Contestation and Deliberative Involvement: China’s Remodeling of the Norm of Non-Interference”, Contemporary Asia-Pacific Studies, No.3, 2015.

                  3. “The Evolution of Chinese State Autonomy and the Progress of Its Foreign Policy,” Foreign Affairs Review, No.6, 2014.

                  4. “Enterprise Public Diplomacy: Values, Approaches and Limitations”, World Economics and Politics, No.12, 2012.

                  5. “The Strategies of Increasing State Autonomy under the Time of Internal and External Linkage: Based on the Perspective of State-Centered Two-Way Interaction Model”, Journal of Social Science, No. 10, 2012.

                  6. “Distribution of Rules: The Polyhedron and Synthesis of Structure”, World Economics and Politics, No.2, 2011.

                  7. “The Approaches and Models of Foreign Policy Analysis”, Foreign Affairs Review, No.6, 2011.

                  8. “To Balance Between Integrating into the Modern International System and Maintaining State Autonomy: The Core Problem of Chinese Diplomacy”, World Economics and Politics, No. 2, 2010.

                  9. “What is Public Diplomacy and Its Interrelated Other Four Concepts”, Foreign Affairs Review, No.2, 2009.

                  10. Independent Diplomacy Theory: Diplomatic Behavior and Diplomatic Strategy in the Era of Internal and External Linkage, China Social Science Press, 2016.

                  11. "China and the Reshaping of International Norms on Human Rights", Chinese Social Science (second author, first author yuan zhengqing), No.7, 2016.

                  12.”Exploration on the Theory of Internal and External Linkage and Autonomy Diplomacy”, World Economy and Politics, No.8, 2016.

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