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                                          Studying China’s Political System and Foreign Relations in the heart of Beijing
                                          School Leadership
                                          Prof. Gong Xiyun - CPC Committee Secretary

                                          Prof. Gong Xiyun

                                          Associate Professor

                                          Communist Party of China

                                          Committee Secretary of School of International Relations.


                                          Prof. Gong is in charge of the Party work and moral cultivation of the students in the School of International Relations. She holds a Bachelor degree in Education from Beijing Normal University and a Master degree in Economics from the University of International Business and Economics. Her research covers Political and Civic Education.

                                          Prof. Gong Xiyun is teaching Moral Cultivation for the undergraduate students of UIBE.


                                          Office: Chengxin Building Room 825

                                          Office landline: 64492306

                                          Email: gxychina@126.com

                                          People @ SIR