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                                                          Studying China’s Political System and Foreign Relations in the heart of Beijing
                                                          Department of International Political Economy
                                                          Assoc. Prof. WANG Xiaomei

                                                          Wang Xiaomei
                                                          Associate Professor
                                                          School of International Relations, University of International Business and Economics

                                                          Prof. Wang Xiaomei teaches International Politics, Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy and International Relations Theory. A prolific scholar, she has written numerous articles on China’s regional and global energetic and security initiatives. She co-authored a volume on Contemporary Central Asia and China’s growing role in the region.
                                                          Education Background
                                                          Graduated from the School of International Relations, Renmin University of China
                                                          Research Interest
                                                          Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy
                                                          International Relations
                                                          Theory of International Relations
                                                          International Politics
                                                          Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy
                                                          International Relations Theory
                                                          Major Publications
                                                          Contemporary Central Asia(associate editor, wrote 110,000 words), World Knowledge Press, 2007
                                                          1. “Russia's Energy Strategy Adjustment and the Sino-Russian Energy Cooperation”, International Economic Cooperation, No.4, 2015
                                                          2. “Study of Chinese Strategic Choice of Energy Security from China-Burma Oil and Gas Pipeline”, International Economic Cooperation, No. 10, 2013
                                                          3. “Rethinking of One Belt One Road”, Shandong College of Agricultural Engineering, No.4, 2015
                                                          4. “Historical Evolution of Chinese Socialism Banner Connotation Characteristics,The Journal of the Party School of CPC Jinan Municipal Committee Jinan City College of Administration and Jinan City Academy of Socialism, No.2, 2015
                                                          5. “Behaviour Construction Learning Reading”, Communication University of China Press, No.2, 2014
                                                          6. “Central Asian Oil Cooperation and China's Energy Security Strategy”, International Economic Cooperation, No.6, 2008
                                                          7. “Global Environmental Problems’ Impact on International Relations", Contemporary World, No.5, 2008
                                                          8. “The US Understanding and Policy of China StrengthenedCooperation with Latin America”, Teaching and Researching, No.2, 2007
                                                          9. "The Significance of StrengtheningCooperation with ASEAN on China's Peaceful Development Strategy”,Contemporary World, No.12, 2006
                                                          10. “Progress and Prospects of Economic and Financial Cooperation in East Asia”, Journal of Foreign Economic and Trade University - International Business, No.5, 2006
                                                          11. “ASEAN’s Impact on the Situation in the Asia-Pacific Region after the Cold War”, Baoji College, No.3, 2005
                                                          12. “The Role and Impact of ASEAN in the Asia-Pacific Region” (second author), Contemporary World, No. 6, 2005
                                                          13. “Study on the Competition between the US and Russia in Central Asia from the Color Revolution” (first author),Leadership Science, No.16, 2005
                                                          14. “Starting China and ASEAN Economic Integration”(second author), Contemporary World, No.12, 2005

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