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                                  Studying China’s Political System and Foreign Relations in the heart of Beijing
                                  Kazakhstan Ablai Khan University Exchange Programme (Chinese language)
                                  Kazakhstan Ablai Khan University Exchange Programme (Chinese language)


                                  Kazakhstan Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages

                                  Exchange Programme

                                  (Chinese language programme)



                                  Since 2014, UIBE’s School of International Relations carried an extensive two years exchange programme with Kazakhstan Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages. The exchange students are expected to spend two years of their BA studies in Beijing, as part of the exchange programme.

                                  The exchange programme will introduce the students to both the Chinese language and culture as well as to the academic field of International Relations. The IR courses are well balanced between the key concepts needed to understand and take part in an interconnected world (such as political awareness, economic understanding, cultural competency, and global citizenship) and a more in-depth study of the Chinese economy, political system and political thought.

                                  The programme is exclusively addressed at the students of the Ablai Khan University. The participants are expected to spend their 4th to 7th semesters of study in SIR, while the remaining period of study, including the defense of their BA thesis, will be spent in Kazakhstan.  For further details, please visit the Kazakhstan Ablai Khan University of Internatonal Relations and World Languages website here. [provide link to http://ablaikhan.kz/promo/]



                                  Foundation Courses

                                  Intensive Business Chinese

                                  Business Chinese: Reading, Listening & Speaking

                                  Business Chinese: Reading & Writing

                                  Business Chinese: Reading & Writing (2nd module)

                                  Chinese Listening Skills

                                  Mandatory Courses


                                  Energy and Environmental Political Economics

                                  Economic Diplomacy

                                  Comparative Politics

                                  Globalization and Global Governance

                                  International Security and Development

                                  International Geopolitics

                                  Public International Law

                                  International Relations

                                  International Political Economics

                                  Contemporary Western Political Thought

                                  Specialization Courses

                                  International Organisations

                                  The Political System and Economy of the European Union

                                  Diplomatic Practice

                                  Contemporary Chinese Diplomacy

                                  International Conflict Settlement and Crisis Management

                                  The Political System and Economy of the United States

                                  International Negotiation



                                  International Programmes