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Clipper Cafe, Glebe

During my first couple of years at Sydney Uni, a 2 hour break between classes meant a visit  to King St in Newtown for $6 Thai. It was cheap and it was filling, but I found myself going there less and less especially in my third and fourth years at uni. Perhaps my palate became more discerning, or perhaps I just got sick of eating the same pad thai and pad see ew day in and day out, but I ventured away from the Thai places in Newtown and into the cafes on Glebe Point Road.

I stumbled into Clipper Cafe one day with its cool bicycle wall hangings and relaxed vibe. It was no less busy than my usual Thai haunts in Newtown but once seated I felt like I could sit there all day sipping coffee and tapping away on my laptop (as some people were doing).

Berry Smoothie – $5.00

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