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Chica Linda, Surry Hills

Pachanga Boy Sour – $17

It seems as though the Drink’n’Dine group has always got a new project in the works. After opening House of Crabs and The Oxford Tavern late last year, their latest venture is Chica Linda at The Carrington in Surry Hills. While I’ll miss the Spanish-influenced paella onigiri and morcilla stuffed squid at Beba Y Cene, Chica Linda serves up some spicy, robust and earthy flavours from South America, Central America and the Caribbean.

Hot Lady – $10; Panamargarita – $17

It’s not just the food that’s had a Latin American twist applied to it – the cocktail list also features pineapple, jalapenos and of course, tequila. The ‘Hot Lady’ cocktail – a name that is quite appropriate that Chica Linda means exactly that in Spanish – is a sweet concoction of guava and tequila, while the Panamargarita packs a punch with salt and jalapenos.

Burnin’ Passion – $9

It’s hard to ignore a drink that lists ‘fire’ as an ingredient. Even though it’s a weeknight, we promptly order some Burnin’ Passion shots for the table and go a little snap-happy at the fire burning out of the passionfruit cups. The shot itself seems to be quite variable, with some people spluttering at the strong taste of alcohol and others downing the sweet passionfruit and vodka mix easily. We suspect that the fire element comes from a high-proof spirit which allows it to burn for quite a long time – but it also means that it can taste quite alcoholic if there’s too much of it!

Chicharones – $5

These chicharones are a great drinking snack. The puffy, light deep fried pork rinds are sprinkled with a chilli seasoning and served with a tangy guasacaca sauce.

Arepas: (clockwise from top) Smoked pork – $6; Grilled cheese – $5; Soft shell crab – $6
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La Bodeguita del Medio, Sydney

Uni is officially almost over for the year which means more time for blogging! So last week after handing in my last major assignment for the semester, Sir D and I went to celebrate and check out La Bodeguita del Medio (LBDM) – a Cuban restaurant and bar right opposite the Queen Victoria Building. The name itself is a bit of a mouthful to say so we just refer to it as “that Cuban place” and since there’s not too many of them around, we know exactly where we’re talking about.

Mojito - $14 (left) and Daiquiri - $14 (right)

You can’t go to a Cuban restaurant and bar without having some rum – which is exactly what we did to kick off the night. The cocktails here are seriously good. I don’t normally drink Mojitos, but I will make an exception for the ones at LBDM because they’re not too sweet or too sour, and are the perfect balance of lime, sugar and mint.

Pan con Lechón - $18
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