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Cafe Lyon, Lindfield

Having learnt French for 5 years of my schooling life, I’ve developed a love of France, its culture, language and food. I’ve never had the chance to travel to France but I think when I do, I will never want to leave! This love of all things French comes from my mother, who first introduced me to the French language and helped me through all my assignments. It was only fitting to take her to a French restaurant for her birthday.

Oysters from Mooney Mooney, Cabernet Sauvignon mignonette dressing

Between the 7 of us, we managed to cover most of the menu, which is $53 for 2 courses or $65 for 3 courses. The oysters are incredibly fresh and shucked with the shell being replaced back on top. They’re so fresh that most of us eat them with a simple squeeze of lemon, not needing the dressing.

Prosciutto, crisp halloumi, asparagus & artichoke heart salad

Charm orders the prosciutto, haloumi, asparagus and artichoke heart salad. It’s surprisingly moreish with silky strips of prosciutto and the crispiest chunks of haloumi I’ve ever had, and is simply dressed with olive oil.

Scotch egg

Featured on the specials menu tonight is the scotch egg which Sir D has no hesitation in ordering as soon as he hears it. Continue reading Cafe Lyon, Lindfield